1-800-800-8100 Hoax Microsoft Scammers Don’t Answer 800-800-8100

I got a call today from someone who sounded like they were calling from India saying he was calling to help me with my Microsoft driver issues. I asked him if he worked for Microsoft and he said yes. I told him I did not have any issues with my Microsoft software or drivers. I asked him if he could give me a number for Microsoft so I could call and confirm who he was. He said I can give you all of that information when you are at your computer.

I said no thanks and told him not to call me back.

Below, 800notes.com reports that this number belongs to TigerDirect – If this is they type of BS that Tiger Direct is engaged in to try and sell products or services, I’ll be sure to never purchase from them.

You can report this number and similar scam callers to the FTC at: report the numbers to the federal trade commissions at 877-382-4357



RE: hoax Microsoft windows security calls

After some additional research, it appears that this is not a new issue, hoax Microsoft security calls have been reported back as far as 2009…so the recent rise in Windows security calls seems to be rearing its ugly head again.

Note to Microsoft: You should publish some guidelines or information on how people can verify a phone call from Microsoft. If Microsoft makes no outbound service calls, let us know.

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  1. Got a similar call this morning only this time the numbers where 0000000000 – Definitely using a call center from India. Microsoft, if you are listening you need to step up and put an end to this. Again, first thing out woman’s mouth was she was calling from Microsoft.

    Even with VoIP technology as good as it is, it’s still easy for most of us to tell when a call is coming from some sweat shop call center half way around the world.

    Can anyone confirm that it is Tiger Direct behind the calls?
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  2. I got a call from this number from a fellow claiming that he was calling from Microsoft technical support. I said, “That’s funny, because I have a Mac!” He stammered and said that I was in the database as having Microsoft Windows, and I said, “Nope. Just a Mac.” He said he would check into it and got off the phone quickly.

  3. These people are still up to it. I have threatened to report them if the do not stop calling, and now they call and leave nuisance “silent” messages on my voicemail which crams my box – 3 such calls today! Please report them to Do not call. They are engaged in illegal activity.

  4. When I received a call from them this morning, it sounded like there were 300 people packed in an 8×10 room. I didin’t even let him finish his opening line.
    As soon as I heard ‘Microsoft’ I yelled ‘Spammer” “criminal’ do not call here again and hung up.

  5. I guess “they” are still trying. I wonder how many computers they are able to hack into…. I was called this morning. just replied that I would go to a known, certified, real technician if I had a problem.

  6. Female from tech support called telling me she was form technical support calling about my computer problem. I asked what was wrong. She said it was a problem with Windows. I told her I don’t have a computer, I use the one at the library. She said – no it is your laptop. I said I don’t have a laptop, and use the computer at the library. She stammered, so I asked if I should call the library about a broken window. She hung up.

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