Search Engine Pro has been helping individuals and businesses with organic rankings since 1999.

While search engine rankings are important. There are other factors that are just as important:

  • Page impressions or the number of times you show up in organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)
  • CTR or Click Through Rate – how often your link(s) get clicked when they show up in SERPs or paid advertising.
  • Time on page – how long are visitors staying? Do they stay for any length of time or do they bounce leaving within seconds of hitting your landing page?
  • CR or Conversion Rate – how often is a sale made from every 10 visits or other factor to measure against your CTR
  • CPA or Cost Per Action / Cost Per Acquisition – what did each sale cost?
  • Revenue – how much revenue is being generated from all of the activities involved in getting impressions, CTR, CR, CPA.

I try to help clients with a big picture approach to their marketing; Page rank alone does not equal success online or guarantee that your phone will ring, e-commerce site will generate orders, or customers will stop by your business.

To date, I’ve been responsible for generating over 1 million leads online in the automotive and real estate markets and counting. I’ve successfully promoted niche products for clients and myself. I’m currently experimenting with AMP pages on this site.

Some of the seo tools I like to use:

  • SEO Power Suite
  • Ahrefs
  • MOZ
  • Domdetailer
  • SEMRush