Not sure what’s up with Microsft Adcenter this evening. Appears there is some type of outage.

I received a message from Microsoft looking for beta testers for their new phone app for Adcenter stats, but I needed my adCenter ID. With the outage, no go and it beta sign up reads as though they are only looking for beta testers using Windows Phone 7…what about us iPhone and Android users?

Microsoft…get with the program. Advertisers looking to spend money with you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, use a specific OS, or browser to access adCenter.

Are you a Microsoft adCenter advertiser? Do you use Windows or another OS, mobile or tablet device to access adCenter? Share your thoughts below.

One thought on “ Outage”

  1. As far as I know there is still no solution that will allow iPhone users to access Microsoft Adcenter.

    In addition to iPhone, iPad, Andriod tablets, and Android phones it appears only a pc or windows based phone can access Adcenter.

    Not sure why Microsoft would limit advertisers to only the Windows platform, but in the end it will cost them advertising revenue.

    What are your thoughts? Keep the conversation going below>>>

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