Auction Insights Google Adwords

on 24 May 2012  Google  Advertisers, adwords auction insights, Auction, auction insights, Chaos, Competitive Intelligence, Google, Google Adwords, google auction insights, Insights, Logging, More Detailed Information, New Feature, Several Factors

Were you as surprised as I was when logging into your Google Adwords account recently to see a new feature offered call "Auction Insights". A new feature designed to provide a level of competitive intelligence at the keyword level as to who you are competing for several factors:

  • Impression Share
  • Average Position
  • Overlap Rate
  • Position Above Rate
  • Top of Page Percentage

For more detailed information on this new feature here are some great articles to reference:

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Will it help advertisers or create more Adwords Chaos?

Adwords Auction Insights