AMP Pages Search Engine Pro Test

I’ve successfully implemented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on you can check it out here: via AMP Supremacy for WordPress. One of the elements Google Webmaster tools test for with AMP pages is whether or not links are too close so I’ll post the URL here: “” – There are many other tools for developing AMP pages in WordPress so I’ll continue to  post / update as I test them.

Here are some of my next test objectives with AMP:

  • Test pages and work through some of the error messages such as links being too close or a page title / URL being too long
  • Develop and test forms embedded in an AMP page
  • Test product inventory via AMP


  • AMP Forms:

See AMP version of this page:



Why The iPhone 7 Sucks For Making Movies & Live Streaming

no audio input for iPhone 7

No Audio Input & Charging For iPhone 7

Something no one is talking about and I hoped I would find somewhere on the interwebs is the fact that the new dongles coming out for the iPhone 7 only support audio out. I purchased two which arrived today…tried to make several phone calls in which I could not here the caller, they could not hear me, but I can listen to audio played from my iPhone 7.

Note: When I looked closely at the sellers description on eBay they do state “listen to audio”, but in reality that’s not the only reason iPhone 7 users want a 3.5mm jack support.

I typically use my iPhone’s GPS and plug my phone into the charger and then would wear my head phones to listen to directions or take / make phone calls. This now appears to be impossible with the iPhone 7

This is a huge negative in my opinion for anyone wanting to live-stream or do any serious movies with iPhone 7 as there is no way to plug a power-pack into the phone while having the ability to record audio at the same time.

With my old iPhone 6 I’ve live-streamed events while keeping my phone powered up with an external battery pack…I’ve yet to find a solution for the iPhone 7.

Shooting video at any length with the iPhone 7 without external power will be impossible. If Apple does not address or fix this the iPhone 7 is a useless device for movie makers.

Sure the TRRS adapter will allow you to connect any of your Rode / Lavalier mics, but you’ll be lucky to shoot video for more than 60 minutes without needing to stop and put your iPhone on a charger before you can continue.

So here’s my challenge to anyone reading this article… Are you aware of any current or future solutions that will allow for audio input and simultaneous charging on the iPhone 7? If so, feel free to correct me and share here.

  • iPhone 7 Sucks For Making Movies
  • iPhone 7 Sucks For Livestreaming
  • No Audio Input & Charging For iPhone 7
  • Charging iPhone 7 With Audio Input
  • No Lightning Audio Input iPhone 7

Apple why did you do this? Steve Jobs would not approve of this dongle of a phone





What You Need To Know Before Registering A Domain Name

I’ve been helping a friend gain control of a domain name he acquired when he purchased a T-shirt brand earlier this year. We’ve been trying to get it transferred into his possession or control for nearly three weeks now. Interestingly many people don’t grasp the importance of maintaining or keeping control of their domain.

Trying to transfer a domain name away from a reseller account can take up to 7 days on each attempt and domain name transfers fail often oddly.

Here are some tips if you are considering the purchase of your first domain name or acquiring a website:

  • If you are purchasing your first domain name, never have a friend or family member do it
  • Make sure the domain is registered in your name and using an email address that is under your control
  • Always safeguard your logins as if they were gold. Keep them safe, backed somewhere…not just saved in your email somewhere
  • Always try to purchase your domain name through a major registrar such as GoDaddy, Namebargain, etc. There are a few exceptions where I recommend Network Solutions as they are over-priced at the moment.
  • If you purchase your domain name through a reseller, make sure you are not limited in your ability to manage the domain name or move it. In the example above with my friend; His domain was registered through WIX a Network Solutions reseller, but they prevent him from fully managing his domain or editing DNS / Name Server entries.

If you buy a website and you don’t have full control of the registering email address, you don’t really have full ownership of your domain name.

eComily Honest Review – eComily Real Review

Unbiased and Honest Review of eComily

eComily is an Instagram curation tool that curates data from a single Instagram account to your store. Here’s a sample mine:

Instagram Marketer – eComily Store


Most marketers pitching eComily App don’t have an active store or actually using it…I know, I hit up multiple offers I found on Facebook and asked numerous IM’ers that were pitching the product developed by Precious Ngwu and developer of WP plugins, and a variety of other Internet marketing related tools. Needless to say, none of the IM’ers on FB responded back to me with a link to their working store…they could only send me to their product pitch page.

The eComily App does come with a 30 day money back guarantee so that’s a good thing.

I purchased the pro upgrade which was very confusing. There was absolutely no documentation or videos on software requirements..I never knew it was a WordPress plugin until I installed it on a WP site and then discovered that it also requires WooCommerce to function. This little bit of information is not shared anywhere.

I think that eComily was released too soon. Better documentation should have been developed along with some more detailed videos on setup and use. For someone to drop $67 on a product that has no documentation and then to admit in video sales letters that the ecomily store is pretty much a joke is very misleading on the part of Precious Ngwu.

For $29 you can get a single site license for a Woocommerc / WordPress plugin that does nearly the same thing.

WooCommerce Instagram

I’m still undecided as to whether or not I will ask for a refund. It primarily depends on the response I get back from support.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding eComily and I’ll do my best get you an answer.


#honestecomilyreview #ecomilyreviews

Honest eComily Review

How To Cancel JVZOO Subscription

Read Below To Cancel JVZOO Subscription

I found this information on Margaret Flanigan’s website I don’t want to steal her thunder, but thank her for sharing this information that was helpful in quickly finding the payments I needed to cancel in my PayPal account.

That being said, It’s difficult for most to find “my preapproved payments” which is absurd. Unfortunately, it is a growing trend online for automatic payments. Companies that receive them are making it more difficult to communicate with them or figure out how to cancel them. Here is manual method I found to get to “My Preapproved Payments” after I spent some time going through my account. Note: this is slightly different from “monthly recurring payments”. To make it even more difficult, it appears that PayPal has removed all search functionality from the site.


  1. Login to your PayPal account
  2. Click on <Tools> drop down menu and select <All Tools>
  3. Open <Recurring Payments>
  4. In recurring payments, you should see option or link for “my preapproved payments
  5. Locate and cancel your “my preapproved payments” transactions

Not sure why PayPal needs these two options…one is just more difficult to cancel than the other.

Hope this helps you..

Cancel JVZOO Subscription or PayPal Preapproved Payments

FunnelKit Go Review | Honest Review

This is an honest and quick review of FunnelKit Go and it will be very quick.

I was introduced to FunnelKit Go in one of my marketing groups this evening..I was actually comparing with Page Monkey.

Since I like to snoop and look at HTML code, I decided to see what was under the on FunnelKit Go’s landing page. To my astonishment I discovered they are using OptimizePress!

It is possible to use their plugin with OptimizePress, but why would they not build out a complete landing page with their own software / plugin? So the next question one would have to ask is; How much of the actual landing page was built with OptimizePress vs Funnelkit Go?

While the price is right on this plugin, I’ll have to pass on the sheer fact that they did not use their own software to completely build out a landing page for their own product and they failed to show a demonstration with a video background or a video in a landing page. I’m also an OptimizePress user and can pretty much do everything that FunnelKit Go can do. While some say OptimizePress can be confusing or cumbersome, it is a time tested and well supported product.

For this product, I’ll save my money and continue to use OptimizePress.


funnelkit go review

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