Avoid Amish Shah Products

Thinking about buying into the Magic Bullet System, Hexatrack, or Google Goggles? My advice, don’t do it.

Every product I’ve tried from Amish Shah and company comes with lousy customer support. When I purchased a package from these guys last year it took weeks to deliver on promised bonuses.

My most recent experience has been with their Google Goggles product. It stopped working. When I contacted support they closed my ticket out twice without ever responding to my request for help. They didn’t mind taking my money or my monthly maintenance payment.

What’s my conclusion? If you spend $3,000 and a huge monthly support fee, they might take care of you, but as of this writing I have two products from Amish Shah that don’t work. Hexatrack is down for maintenance so you can’t run any new campaigns and Google Goggles doesn’t work.


If anyone else has had issues with Amish Shah products please reply to this post.

I’ll be starting a “Guru Reviews” section for visitors to post comments on how well or poorly the gurus support their products.

6 thoughts on “Avoid Amish Shah Products”

  1. UPDATE: I logged into my Hexatrack account the other day and it’s semi-ported over to The Magic Bullet System. Once getting logged in Hexatrack is locked down from running any new campaigns for keywords.

    I gave up on trying to see if Google Goggles would work as Amish’s support team delete my ticket each time I submit it with no reply.

    So what’s my opinion on Amish Shaw products? Stay away or you’ll end up with products that are broken or don’t work. I have no personal beef with Amish. I think he’s a brilliant guy, but when it comes to customer support and follow up after he’s been paid his company falls way short.

    I’ll use this post as an open invitation for Amish to respond personally to Hexatrack users that have been dumped and Google Goggles not working.

  2. Hi,

    I was planning on getting MBS 2.0 and came across this post. I had questions prior to purchasing and while I found no contact info whatsoever on the MBS site, I went over to the digispace site and had not trouble at all…

    As a matter of fact I talked to a real in person within a few rings of calling the number and got all my pre-sales questions answered. I can’t comment to “after purchase” support but perhaps if you try the same channel I did you’ll have a better result in getting your issues address properly.

    Here’s the contact info for Amish’s company from the digispace site, the number actually has a menu for the different Amish Shah products:


    DigiSpace Solutions
    2323 Broadway, Suite 202
    San Diego, CA 92102

    Hope that helps a bit.


  3. Hi Chris,

    sorry for the delayed response. I was using Amish’s trouble ticket system for both Hexatrack and Google Goggles. The Digispace site is a new one for me. I would make some attempts, but I’ve moved on from ever using or purchasing an Amish Shaw software product ever again. Nothing can erase that fact that my trouble ticket requests were deleted on two occasions. Human error once? Possibly, but not twice. Besides that, these posts show up fairly well in search results. If Amish and company really cared about customer support and customers that purchased some of their older products they could respond to some of the negative press out here in cyber-space.

    Thanks for the post and contact information though.

  4. You write a negative review, immediately have someone send you a solution, and then comment that you are beyond seeking help. Did you sincerely want a solution or did you want to just tear someone down? All these systems are supported by humans on the back end, cut them some slack, make a phone call and give them a chance to make it right.

    Relying on them to search the web and proactively call you to provide support is just you playing the victim.

    Shut down the pity party and make a phone call.

  5. Neither of my product purchases from Amish provided a phone number for support. I did use the trouble ticket system provided and my tickets were deleted with no response.

    I think Amish is a brilliant guy…my personal experience was disappointing.

  6. Thanks for the update. Amish seems like a slimey character, overstates the rewards and downplays the risks. He has all the traits of a pyramid peddler.

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