How To Cancel JVZOO Subscription

Read Below To Cancel JVZOO Subscription

I found this information on Margaret Flanigan’s website I don’t want to steal her thunder, but thank her for sharing this information that was helpful in quickly finding the payments I needed to cancel in my PayPal account.

That being said, It’s difficult for most to find “my preapproved payments” which is absurd. Unfortunately, it is a growing trend online for automatic payments. Companies that receive them are making it more difficult to communicate with them or figure out how to cancel them. Here is manual method I found to get to “My Preapproved Payments” after I spent some time going through my account. Note: this is slightly different from “monthly recurring payments”. To make it even more difficult, it appears that PayPal has removed all search functionality from the site.


  1. Login to your PayPal account
  2. Click on <Tools> drop down menu and select <All Tools>
  3. Open <Recurring Payments>
  4. In recurring payments, you should see option or link for “my preapproved payments
  5. Locate and cancel your “my preapproved payments” transactions

Not sure why PayPal needs these two options…one is just more difficult to cancel than the other.

Hope this helps you..

Cancel JVZOO Subscription or PayPal Preapproved Payments

Local Citation Sites Dallas

I found a great resource recently for local citations in Dallas. BrightLocal has a complete list of citation sites to help you get your business to rank locally.

Local Citation Sites Dallas

Citation sites are important to help validate your business and help your website to rank well locally. Citation sites typically fall into two categories. They are free or paid sites. It is possible to get your site to rank well locally using just free citation sites.

Check out the lists above. If you are having trouble getting your site to rank well locally, some citations might just be what your website needs.


Point Subdomain to Another Server WHM

Pointing a subdomain to another server or URL is not difficult when you have the right information. WHM or Web Host Manager is somewhat different in its functionality. While some server configs will have you enter the entire subdomain for the CNAME ( WHM manager only requires the subdomain with no trailing dot. When entering the destination or host ( you end with a trailing dot. See the example below:

redirect point subdomain cname whm

It was pretty frustrating to only find information from 2009 with no actual screenshots. If this has been helpful in helping you point or redirect your subdomain via CNAME to another URL or domain, please comment below and share this page.

WHM Subdomain Redirect Notes

For a WHM subdomain redirect to work properly, there can be no other records for the subdomain…only the CNAME record. If you used the subdomain feature in cPanel, it will create an A record. Make sure there are no other records present other than your CNAME records for the redirect or pointing to another server.

Special Thanks to Net Access Corporation in NJ for their help in solving this issue with me. I have been a dedicated server client with Net Access Corporation for 12-13 years and cannot say enough good things about their service. If you are looking for a rock solid data center to host your dedicated machine(s), give Net Access Corporation an opportunity to earn your business. Review 2012-2013

I’ve recently started using to complete small programming projects and was pleasantly surprised when I first started using the site after several years of using which they acquired. My first project went amazing! The code shop I worked with in India did a spectacular job on a clone site I had them develop…I thought I found a group of programmers that I could start to develop a long-term business relationship with, but it crashed and burned. After coming up with a second round of project for them the bid on first, they vanished for over a week. After presenting them with the new projects, they promised quotes, but never delivered and then they just stopped communicating with me. Review Continued

With six more projects to complete, I developed the project specs, diagrams, etc. to help articulate what I had in mind and put them to bid on – Before selecting a programmer, I always ask if they completely understand the project requirements and if they have any additional questions before I award the project. Most say no…we completely understand your specifications…we are ready to go!

After two weeks of working with five programmers on 6 projects, it appears three are going to crash and burn…I’ll have lost some project development time, money from a few released milestones, and will have to then re-post my projects and again select another programmer. I believe their are some great programmers on, but there are many dead beats as well which ruins the whole experience of working with virtual help. Review Summary

I believe I’ve found one programmer here in the US through who I hope will turn out to be someone I can work with and count on long-term to help with my specific programming requirements. Here are a few of my personal recommendations for selecting and working with Freelancers. These same ideas can apply to any of the other outsourcing websites as well:

  1. Make sure you articulate specific requirements for project. Don’t leave anything vague or to the imagination….unless you are looking for someone to have creative license on your project(s)
  2. Never, Never, Never release a milestone until you have something tangible to show for. Make milestone release very specific (ex: rough draft of website template, screen shot of db design, etc.)
  3. Ask for references that you can call or  email with regard to specific projects
  4. Make sure programmer(s) portfolio has specific examples similar to what you are looking for and belong to some of the references they provide. I’ve checked many portfolios and projects that were concepts for the programmer and were deleted or had an expired domain when I went to look at them.
  5. If you find a good programmer, don’t abuse them by asking for unlimited modifications or changes….they need to make a living as well. Review Conclusion: can be a great place to find resources for project outsourcing. Put in the extra time to articulate everything to the T and use your due diligence to thoroughly review bidders before making your final decision. Don’t be afraid to to ask about project completion rates or negative comments. In the same fashion, don’t accept at face value a programmer’s rave reviews.

Visit here>>>

What are your thoughts on working with outsourcing sites similar to Share your thoughts below.

Blog Comment Spam

Do you have a blog? Do you accept blog comments? Are you tired of blog spam?

Let me start off by confessing as an Internet marketer, I’ve got some of those fancy tools that can find blogs willing to accept comments and post comments by the hundreds, but I choose not to.

I think most blog owners that allow comments on their posts want to let posters get a link back to their website or affiliate offer if the post was relevant to the conversation. Unfortunately, (based on comment rates from my network of blogs) I’d have to say that 95% of blog comments are blog or comment spam.

Here are a couple of examples of comment spam on – As you’ll notice, the blog article title is to the right. You can see based on the content of the comment that it is not even closely relevant to the original post.

As you can see, neither of these comments had anything to do with the article or post. On, I check each comment manually and even though I use some great tools for automation, I still post most of my own comments manually for relevance.

When commenter’s post comments that are not relevant to my article, I mark their comment as spam so they are unable to comment again using the same email address.

Here are a few questions for discussion:

  1. Do you use blog commenting software to automate blog posts? Why or why not?
  2. Do you manually post comments to blogs? Why or why not?
  3. If you’ve used both methods, which method has brought you the most consistent results?

I was in a back-link forum prior to writing this article and the main complaint from members was the lack of lasting relevant back-links from a service we are all using.

In my case, I was trying to get some good back-links for an automotive review site. Unfortunately, none of the back-links I received in my report were relevant and neither were the comments made on my behalf utilizing a third party service in India.

One tool I use is a plug-in for WordPress call Akismet, which is a fairly good blog spam detection tool.

There must be some value in placing hundreds if not thousands of crappy back-links on OPB (other peoples’ blogs) or the practice of comment spam would not be an issue today. One would think it would be easy enough with the tools available today to find relevant blogs to post comments to. The prize of course is a keyword link back to your site.

One of my most successfully threads has to do with Craigslist authentication. I currently have 85 comments all being relevant to the conversation. Many folks who added value to the conversation were rewarded with an approved comment and a back-link to their site.

How has blog comment spam affected your blog or business? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Tablet PC Devices: 123 Years in the Making

We may think the tablet PC has only been around for a couple of years, but a recent article from eWeek shows 123 years of history in the making.

From an SEO / SEM perspective I’m excited about the future of online marketing on the go.

I think we will see more mobile SEO /SEM apps developed to do some of those hard-operations we typically run from a desktop or laptop.

I’m posting this article from my iPhone. Mobile devices and the slew of tablet devices hitting the market are only going to enhance social media applications.

What are your thoughts on tablet PC devices and how they will affect online marketing?

Socrates Theme Issues | Outage

Today I attempted to view several sites that I have running on the Socrates Theme by Joel Comm and they took 30 + seconds to load if they loaded at all. This has been an ongoing issue so I decided to post something or look around on the Socrates Theme forum. I hit the home page, logged into the forum, and bamm! Here’s a screen shot:

As you can see, is or was down. As of this writing site has not come back up.

I think there is an undisclosed issue regarding theme licensing and Joel’s server loads (just a guess)

Just to be sure, I checked some of my Socrates Themed sites and some of my other WordPress sites from two different Internet connections with static IPs on two different ISPs. Each time, my WP sites not using Socrates Theme loaded extremely fast while ST sites took 30 + seconds to load or did not load at all.

In the past when I’ve experienced this issue, I would attempt to open a Socrates theme site in Safari browser and would not have issues with loading. Today was different.

This is a major issue for Socrates theme owners if their site(s) must authenticate a license before a site can load. (Again, I’m drawing some conclusions, but it seems pretty obvious)

Joel typically puts out top notch stuff so I’m sure he and his team will get this resolved. But for now, those of us who are relying on our sites to load quickly and efficiently are out of luck today. It could be even worse if you are spending pay per click dollars and your site is not loading properly.

As soon as comes back online I’m going to post in the support forum and will report back with resolution.

For now, I’ve switched this site back to my old them until the issue is resolved.

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