App Store Ten Billion Downloads

I’m doing some basic math as I watch the App Store download counter go by and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • App Store is doing roughly 100,000 downloads every 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Counter should roll over to 10,000,000,000 in about 5 to 5.5  days. That would be Friday the 21st or Saturday, January 22nd.

How does your math add up? When do you think the App Store will hit 10 billion downloads?

I plan on buying several apps just before it rolls over? Will you be doing the same? Will the app counter start to speed up as it closes in on ten billion downloads?

What are your thoughts? Weigh in on when you think the App Store will hit this historic milestone.

The Problem With Review Sites

Review sites can be a great source of information with reviews from actual customers or feedback on a product, service, or type of business. However,  a general trend is that a website owner develops and promotes a review site; Some have real information while others may have artificially generated data. In some verticals, competitors will create false or bogus reviews for their competition.

The problem that exists with some review sites is they turn out to be a form of online extortion for businesses that show up or get listed. Once a review site gains some traction in a particular market or niche, they are typically marketed to the businesses in that niche under the auspices of pay, or you won’t be able to manage or contest anything negative that might show up as a review or rating.

With the advent of review and rating sites and the growth of social media; a new industry call Online Reputation Management has been created. Companies that perform reputation management services will work with various rating, review or social media sites to bury or remove negative online information.

Has your business been unfairly characterized or slandered on a review or ratings site? Share your story with our readers below. Have you dealt with a review or ratings site that wanted you to pay before you could negative information about your company?

How To Track Social Media ROI White-paper has written a whitebook / white-paper on Tracking Social Media ROI.


“In the past estimating Social Media ROI was acceptable.

Social Media is a fairly new communications medium and activity that is often considered to be “free” and available to everyone. With abundant free and low cost tools and platforms to create, promote, monitor and analyze social media content businesses and individuals, excited about what Social Media can do for them, too often assume that measurement of Social Media can be taken care of as more of an afterthought. ”

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Get To The Top of Google Fast

Get to the top of Google fast! That’s a fairly common headline these days. How about getting to the top of Google in minutes for your targeted keyword? I thought I would share an example from a post on October 7, 2010.

I posted an article on former President George W. Bush riding Northshore bike trail in Grapevine, TX. Within four (4) minutes of posting the article, it showed up #1 in Google SERPs. I’ve accomplished this successfully with other articles and posts as well. (See the image below)

The point for sharing this is to demonstrate that with a WordPress blog set up correctly and unique content, it is possible to get an article, post, or page indexed by Google in minutes, not weeks or months.

Additionally, it is possible to get your post to show up for your targeted keywords.

I’ll share some more and continue to add to this thread over time, but wanted to get some dialog started. What is the fastest time you’ve seen Google index one of your WordPress posts? Or any page for that matter?

So if you want to get to the top of Google fast, you might want to consider setting up a WordPress blog and start testing some articles for your specific  area of focus.

Here’s another working example; Just as I post this article, look how fast it showed up in Google top ten for “Get To The Top of Google Fast”.

Mobile Search and Product Convergence

With all the promise for mobile search, 2D bar codes, bar code scanning, etc. I thought I would share a personal experience today and my personal thoughts on where I think mobile search and product convergence will be an amazing step forward for consumers.

I have a large screen projection TV; the bulb blew out and I wanted to replace it. While I found many online places I could have purchased one and waited for delivery, I wanted to purchase one locally within a 25 mile radius. This was also an experiment of sorts. After making several phone calls and discovering that local stores were closed or do not stock bulbs or parts for TVs 2 or more years old I tried something different in my searching.

My initial Google searches and authorized repair store searches came up empty. The store I’ll plug for free is Fry’s Electronics. When I went to their site, my initial search by part number came up empty on both the TV model # and the bulb model # I was looking for. After doing a broad search on the site by TV brand, I stumbled upon the bulb # I was seeking.

Once I found the bulb, everything else was awesome; I was able to check for in-store pick-up before I jumped in my car.

Conclusion: Brick and mortar sites both on local search and internal search fail to deep link effectively for mobile local search. At the point in which brick and mortar stores have internal search that is deep enough for consumers to find parts or products easy, both desktop and mobile search will be limited in their effectiveness to help consumers find the products they are looking for via mobile device.

For mobile local search to be powerful for brick and mortar stores, they will need to make sure their products are deep linked on the web. A category level only web presence will not have maximum effectiveness for mobile local searches. Once brick and mortar stores allow their products and parts to show up on the web for local search based on a part number, zip code, sku, etc. they will start to realize the power of local search on mobile devices.

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