Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Is Facebook advertising worth it in 2018?

While Facebook ads may work for some small businesses and enterprises, I’m not sure that Facebook is the right platform for business that want to scale and potentially run hundreds of campaigns.

I’m currently working with a company that spent over $1 million dollars in 2017 on Facebooks ads and we cannot get a live person on the phone.

With Facebook recently dropping some of their third party demographics data they paused hundreds of campaigns on my client’s account with no explanation on which specific parts of an ad were affected. We had to manually go through all of the ads that were paused to figure out what needed to be fixed or corrected.

As I worked with my VA to fix ads and get them turned back on we noticed that some of the ads were turning off / pausing again. After some investigation and visiting Facebook’s advertiser forum this seems to be an ongoing issue that has not been adequately addressed. While there are many posts with users sharing the same issue, Facebook’s primary response is that there must be other users that have access to your account pausing ads.

You would think that any company that has spent a million dollars on ads would be able to get someone on the phone to help you spend another two million dollars, that’s not the case. Apparently, Facebook is making so much money on ad revenue that unless you are spending well north of a million bucks you are left to figure out major issues by surfing the forums.

Google had this same approach back in the day, but at least Google can provide a tiered service; The more money you spend with them, the more help you can get to grow your advertising.

What’s an advertiser to do?

As of a couple of days ago I turned off all Facebook ads and will continue to migrate ad budgets over to Google Adwords. Once we can get issues resolved even if it’s via chat with an agent, we’ll consider ramping up Facebook ads.

What are your thoughts? How have recent updates / changes to Facebook’s advertiser platform affected your ads?

Blog Comment Spam

Do you have a blog? Do you accept blog comments? Are you tired of blog spam?

Let me start off by confessing as an Internet marketer, I’ve got some of those fancy tools that can find blogs willing to accept comments and post comments by the hundreds, but I choose not to.

I think most blog owners that allow comments on their posts want to let posters get a link back to their website or affiliate offer if the post was relevant to the conversation. Unfortunately, (based on comment rates from my network of blogs) I’d have to say that 95% of blog comments are blog or comment spam.

Here are a couple of examples of comment spam on – As you’ll notice, the blog article title is to the right. You can see based on the content of the comment that it is not even closely relevant to the original post.

As you can see, neither of these comments had anything to do with the article or post. On, I check each comment manually and even though I use some great tools for automation, I still post most of my own comments manually for relevance.

When commenter’s post comments that are not relevant to my article, I mark their comment as spam so they are unable to comment again using the same email address.

Here are a few questions for discussion:

  1. Do you use blog commenting software to automate blog posts? Why or why not?
  2. Do you manually post comments to blogs? Why or why not?
  3. If you’ve used both methods, which method has brought you the most consistent results?

I was in a back-link forum prior to writing this article and the main complaint from members was the lack of lasting relevant back-links from a service we are all using.

In my case, I was trying to get some good back-links for an automotive review site. Unfortunately, none of the back-links I received in my report were relevant and neither were the comments made on my behalf utilizing a third party service in India.

One tool I use is a plug-in for WordPress call Akismet, which is a fairly good blog spam detection tool.

There must be some value in placing hundreds if not thousands of crappy back-links on OPB (other peoples’ blogs) or the practice of comment spam would not be an issue today. One would think it would be easy enough with the tools available today to find relevant blogs to post comments to. The prize of course is a keyword link back to your site.

One of my most successfully threads has to do with Craigslist authentication. I currently have 85 comments all being relevant to the conversation. Many folks who added value to the conversation were rewarded with an approved comment and a back-link to their site.

How has blog comment spam affected your blog or business? Share your thoughts and comments below.