Why Good Domain Names Are Critical To Your Business

We all know that good domain names are important to your business. I’ll take it a step further and say it’s even critical.

While there is much debate on search engine marketing tactics, SEO, PPC strategies or Pay Per Click strategies for those of you still learning the acronyms; One thing is clear. The industry has sort of leveled off with respect to tools and information. We all know how to spy one another’s Adword campaigns, we can scrape sites for keywords. So from that perspective, the folks that do this professionally understand most of the tools and tricks of the trade.

So where does that leave us? With a level playing field, I believe at the end of the day it comes back down to the domain or domain names you choose to represent your business. If  you’ve got two competing Google Adword ads and one has a display URL / Landing page URL of somereallygoofylongdomainname.info vs. mypowerdomain.com ultimately ads and marketing with winning domain names will play a key role in having that slight advantage in a day when everything is visible when it comes to online marketing.

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Selling A Domain Name On Craigslist: NOT

I have to give the folks at Sell-My.com some cred for their post (post appears to be deleted or moved as of 1/1/2010). As a buyer, seller, developer of domains for over 10 years I’m still surprised at some of the wrongfully placed ill-will still out there for folks that buy and sell domain names.

Apparently, Craigslist considers Erotic services less of an evil to society than some entrepreneur trying to sell a domain name. While i’ve been able to successfully sell a couple of geo domains on Craigslist, nearly all of my ads of lately have been flagged for immediate deletion.

So, if you if you provide erotic services and have a credit card, you can do business on Craigslist under a “special” category. The Craigslist police have stated in several posts that domain names are not tangible and you cannot touch them. I guess erotic services are OK because you see and touch the merchandise.

CEO Jim Buckmaster: You are missing an opportunity to earn some additional revenue. Set up a special category for domain name sales and let those of us who are legit pay… or aren’t domain name sales erotic enough?

Domain Names For Sale

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  • Alaska-Real-Estate.net
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  • PeaseInternationalTradePort.com
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  • Real-Estate-Companies.net
  • RealEstatePressReleases.com
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  • Texas-Real-Estate.com
  • Vermont-Real-Estate.net
  • Virginia-Beach.net
  • West-Virginia-Real-Estate.net
  • Wisconsin-Real-Estate.net

If you are a real estate or domain name professional or broker you realize the power and value of these keyword domains. All offers accepted, but rediculous low ball offers will not get a reply. Purchase domains individually or make an offer for all of them. Top level domains like this do not exist unless you want to purchase .biz, .info, or some other TLD extension that will not show up in the search engines well.

Will also consider a co-development project with the right company or investors.

Additional domains for sale or lease:

  • SearchEngineSimulator.com
  • BudgetLimoService.com
  • BudgetLimoServices.com
  • BudgetLimousineService.com
  • BudgetLimousineServices.com
  • Custom-Web-Site-Design.net
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