Find Precious Website Visitors

Do you need more precious #website traffic in 2016? 
Ok, you had an amazing website built last year, but you are still trying to figure out how to get more precious visitors to your website.
For most #website owners, they are looking for #targetedtraffic meaning visitors that are looking for their product or service. 
I always start every project with in-depth #keywordresearch – In order to show up in the #searchengines you first need to understand how your potential audience tries to find you. 
I always tell people they will be surprised with the data. There are always a couple of #keywords that surprise you at how little / how much they are searched.
I recently saw a quote for a #technology company where the #seocompany said they would optimize #webpages for 10 keywords that the customer provided…that’s BS. Most companies don’t know… That’s why they are hiring someone that does #searchengineoptimization 
I know several business owners that are crushing it #online right now with #socialmedia, but building an audience that is going to give you #money takes time and persistence, and that’s another chapter.
If you have no idea what keywords you should be targeting for your business or have never had a #keywordanalysis done PM/DM me for more information for this cost effective service. I have been doing #keyword research for 16+ years and can help you get more targeted online visitors.

 how to get website visitors 

Website Traffic and Sales Terminated?

Last night I did something I have not done in quite some time…I was looking for potential #website gigs on #craigslist – I did find a few that looked interesting, something jumped out at me that #businesses and people have not figured out…While literally anyone can build a #website – There are services like Wix that have made it drag and drop simple. But there are two critical elements being severely overlooked; #websitetraffic and #conversions – A website without traffic or visitors is like a billboard in the desert, and a website that cannot convert that traffic to your end objective is useless. Think about it..would you trust a builder that said they could build you a house for $2000 or forgot to factor in doors, windows, or plumbing? Building a website without giving thought to getting visitors or converting that traffic is poor planning and a waste of time and resources. There are many amazing website designers that can create some works of art, but haven’t a clue about getting or converting traffic. Same reason you go see a specialist vs your general practitioner for a problem with your heart. If your website strategy or current webmaster has no planning for getting and converting your visitors…It’s time to TERMINATE them. If you want more traffic and converted sales or leads through your website and online efforts, let’s talk about your goals for 2016. I’ll Be Back with more information like this in 2016.   

KeywordXP Review | Honest Review of KeywordXP

Honest KeywordXP Review

I was excited about trying out KeywordXP as I’ve purchased some great products by Paul Clifford in the past. Unfortunately, there was one thing that caught me off guard…the license agreement:

keywordxp review

KeywordXP employs various methods including cookies to track your use of their product and reserve the right to use and sell any anonymous data they collect on keyword searches, volume, etc.

I have a major issue with this…I love purchasing great tools, but I don’t want my use tracked or usage data sold.

I’m requesting a refund on KeywordXP and unable to write a review on how good or poorly the product performed as I can’t get past the notion of my search activity being tracked whether anonymous or not.

What are your thoughts on software / app developers tracking your activity?

Think about the implications? You invest a bunch of time researching your niche and then all of your search activity can be sold to a potential competitor.

I also feel it is a slight conflict of interest for a software developer whether it be KeywordXP or any other Internet marketing tool to ask me to trust them to use their tool(s) and then sell my usage data.

Sorry Paul Clifford and KeywordXP, I’ll have to pass on this tool for now.

KeywordXP Review

Maybe in the near future Paul will give users the ability to turn off tracking.