Apple OSX Yosemite Outbound SMTP Mail Issues

If you recently did the Yosemite update on your Mac / Macbook, you might have experienced some issues with outbound / SMTP email. Here is a great starting point in Apple forums to help resolve your issue.

Unfortunately, I’m still experiencing outbound email issues and will update this post and additional links once everything is finally resolved. It also appears that the recent Yosemite update to Apple OSX is generating numerous issues for Mac users.



1-800-800-8100 Hoax Microsoft Scammers Don’t Answer 800-800-8100

I got a call today from someone who sounded like they were calling from India saying he was calling to help me with my Microsoft driver issues. I asked him if he worked for Microsoft and he said yes. I told him I did not have any issues with my Microsoft software or drivers. I asked him if he could give me a number for Microsoft so I could call and confirm who he was. He said I can give you all of that information when you are at your computer.

I said no thanks and told him not to call me back.

Below, reports that this number belongs to TigerDirect – If this is they type of BS that Tiger Direct is engaged in to try and sell products or services, I’ll be sure to never purchase from them.

You can report this number and similar scam callers to the FTC at: report the numbers to the federal trade commissions at 877-382-4357


RE: hoax Microsoft windows security calls

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Socrates Theme Issues | Outage

Today I attempted to view several sites that I have running on the Socrates Theme by Joel Comm and they took 30 + seconds to load if they loaded at all. This has been an ongoing issue so I decided to post something or look around on the Socrates Theme forum. I hit the home page, logged into the forum, and bamm! Here’s a screen shot:

As you can see, is or was down. As of this writing site has not come back up.

I think there is an undisclosed issue regarding theme licensing and Joel’s server loads (just a guess)

Just to be sure, I checked some of my Socrates Themed sites and some of my other WordPress sites from two different Internet connections with static IPs on two different ISPs. Each time, my WP sites not using Socrates Theme loaded extremely fast while ST sites took 30 + seconds to load or did not load at all.

In the past when I’ve experienced this issue, I would attempt to open a Socrates theme site in Safari browser and would not have issues with loading. Today was different.

This is a major issue for Socrates theme owners if their site(s) must authenticate a license before a site can load. (Again, I’m drawing some conclusions, but it seems pretty obvious)

Joel typically puts out top notch stuff so I’m sure he and his team will get this resolved. But for now, those of us who are relying on our sites to load quickly and efficiently are out of luck today. It could be even worse if you are spending pay per click dollars and your site is not loading properly.

As soon as comes back online I’m going to post in the support forum and will report back with resolution.

For now, I’ve switched this site back to my old them until the issue is resolved.

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App Store Ten Billion Downloads

I’m doing some basic math as I watch the App Store download counter go by and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • App Store is doing roughly 100,000 downloads every 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Counter should roll over to 10,000,000,000 in about 5 to 5.5  days. That would be Friday the 21st or Saturday, January 22nd.

How does your math add up? When do you think the App Store will hit 10 billion downloads?

I plan on buying several apps just before it rolls over? Will you be doing the same? Will the app counter start to speed up as it closes in on ten billion downloads?

What are your thoughts? Weigh in on when you think the App Store will hit this historic milestone.