MacOS Catalina Upgrade Issue Late 2015 iMac

I recently purchased a late 2015 iMac and promptly replaced the hybrid drive with a 2TB SSD from OWC (Other World Computing). My next upgrade was bumping RAM up from 32GB to 64GB.

After upgrading memory and swapping out with OWC a 2nd time I still had some random issues with iMac shutting down and restarting. I did the usual stuff, I ran hardware test and then a tool called Rember to test memory further. Everything tested out positively. No detected hardware issues, memory stress test checked OK…but the persistent issue of random shut down / restart had me ready to pull out some hair out.

I thought running the MacOS Catalina upgrade might help so I downloaded via “About this Mac”, but I kept getting a message that the file was corrupted. I downloaded from Apple and got some message. On the third attempt, I downloaded the file to an external drive thinking my SSD might be possible cause.

After scratching my head a few times I decided to remove the upgraded 64GB memory and reinstall the factory 32GB RAM.

SURPRISE!!! I re-downloaded Catalina upgrade through software update tool under apple icon / About this Mac and I was able to complete the upgrade. I did however run into a few issues.

NOTE: If you use wireless keyboard mouse, you may need to reset your PRAM. Because of this I could not connect any wireless devices to complete Catalina OS install. I found an old Apple keyboard with cable and ran to BestBuy to purchase an $8 corded mouse to finish the install / setup.

Once completed, I was able to reset PRAM and activate bluetooth on my iMac.

The interesting thing for me in this process is that the memory created some sort of issue that caused a corruption error when trying to do the upgrade and also the random shut-down / restart issue. I have not had time to circle back around on that issue.

In closing, I would make sure you are not doing any upgrades and trying to install Catalina OS at same time. Run the update first and then work through any potential hardware upgrade issues as they come up. I’m going to call OWC and see if they have any insight on this issue and will follow up here with another post.

Quriobot Discount Code Link

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Chatbots are becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses, marketers, and individuals to improve visitor interaction on their websites and social media channels. Quriobot can integrate with any website and allows you to provide a wide range of interactive support. Check it out with the discount link provided.

Comcast Fusion / Xfinity Service Issues

You might be wondering what a Comcast Fusion / Xfinity Internet connection has to do with primary subject matter of this website. Since I work mainly from my laptop and remote locations for clients, having access to the Internet is CRITICAL!

I’ve experienced issues in Seattle and now Portsmouth, NH accessing the Internet from a Fusion hotspot / Xfinity connection powered by Comcast.

Here’s a basic overview of the issue:

I access the Internet for a period of time then I am unable to access any of the domains or websites that I’m working on from Xfinity / Fusion Hotspot. After calling Comcast / Xfinity directly in Seattle on two separate trips I was able to get this issue resolved. The websites are always on the same Class C block of IP’s as I’m accessing a dedicated web-hosting server.

Here in NH however, the issue had to be escalated…I’m waiting to hear back from someone on what the long-term solution to this issue is.

This is a major issue for hotels using Fusion Hotspot service from Comcast as the guest feels like the hotel is at fault. High availability Internet access is no longer a requirement just for technology workers, but also the general public.

I’m going off of the assumption that my use of Fusion hotspot service transferring files via FTP, multiple logins, etc. does something to trigger some sort of blockage. I did find a temporary work-around. Using a service that creates a VPN or blocks / changes my IP address allows me to gain access to web hosting server so I can continue to work on websites remotely.

If you work for Comcast / Xfinity / Fusion Hotspot please share this with business support to come up with a long-term solution for high-end web workers that might stay at one of your clients hotels.

Below will be a growing list of hotels that use Comcast Fusion Hotspot service:

  • Holiday Inn


If you experience service issues at a hotel using Comcast Xfinity / Fusion Hotspot service please comment below so I can add the hotel to this list.

A note to hotels that want to attract business users / clientele; Not having 24hr. access to support is not acceptable. It is amazing that at fairly large hotels there can only be one person on staff that knows anything about IT related issues. My case here in NH the only person who knows anything about the Internet went home for the evening. Fortunately, the night person was able to get him to respond with the support number for the Fusion hotspot service.

Hotels need to have an Internet service escalation plan in place along with support numbers for the one-off issue(s) technology workers may experience when working and traveling.


Transfer iPhone Purchases To iTunes Library Before UpDating This iPhone

Ok, so you were as excited as I was to update my iPhone 5 to the latest IOS version 7. Upon clicking the update button you get a popup with this notification:



There are purchased items on the iPhone *** that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?



A few iTunes versions ago you would see your device in the left hand side, but seems Apple has gone the way of Microsoft and they now love to continue re-arranging the GUI (graphical user interface) so we have to search for something simple. The above screenshot is current as of September 2013…so here’s the skinny:

Go to iTunes menu bar (top left) and select File>>>Devices>>>Transfer Purchases

What would be even more intuitive is for Apple to include button or link to do this automatically while the warning popup is glaring you in the face.

Hope this helps someone.


Point Subdomain to Another Server WHM

Pointing a subdomain to another server or URL is not difficult when you have the right information. WHM or Web Host Manager is somewhat different in its functionality. While some server configs will have you enter the entire subdomain for the CNAME ( WHM manager only requires the subdomain with no trailing dot. When entering the destination or host ( you end with a trailing dot. See the example below:

redirect point subdomain cname whm

It was pretty frustrating to only find information from 2009 with no actual screenshots. If this has been helpful in helping you point or redirect your subdomain via CNAME to another URL or domain, please comment below and share this page.

WHM Subdomain Redirect Notes

For a WHM subdomain redirect to work properly, there can be no other records for the subdomain…only the CNAME record. If you used the subdomain feature in cPanel, it will create an A record. Make sure there are no other records present other than your CNAME records for the redirect or pointing to another server.

Special Thanks to Net Access Corporation in NJ for their help in solving this issue with me. I have been a dedicated server client with Net Access Corporation for 12-13 years and cannot say enough good things about their service. If you are looking for a rock solid data center to host your dedicated machine(s), give Net Access Corporation an opportunity to earn your business.

Business Diversification

Business Diversification: Diversify your business or Die!

business diversificationI was trying to think of some catchy phrase to talk about the importance of diversification and the importance of keeping a pulse on whatever industry you are in. The Internet is no exception.

Recently, a friend informed me that we was closing his brick and mortar business that had been part of a local community for roughly 20 years. I’ve got similar stories from other friends with brick and mortar or service related businesses.

Here’s a fact: Business is constantly evolving. You and I must evolve with business cycles.

One of the major technologies that has changed the way business is conducted is the Internet, but I’m amazed at some of my old-school friends and business associates that fail to take advantage of or evolve with the way their particular industry is changing.

Everyone knows that having a website for your business today is important, just as having a business card was a no-brainer.

For nearly everyone of my personal friends or business associates that has run into roadblocks with their brick and mortar or service business, some of those issues could have been avoided or minimized if they had diversified via their website. Selling products or services, up-sells, cross-marketing, etc.

How has your business been affected by the economy or technology changes? Did  you diversify your business or did you miss the boat?

Share your story with our visitors below.

Business Diversification:


QR Code in TV Ads

While recently attending the 2012 International LCT Show in Las Vegas I repeatedly saw a local advertisement with a QR code in the TV ad.

The only other ad I’ve seen using a QR code in the TV ad is one from GoDaddy. Am I missing something? I love what QR codes can do for marketing when used correctly on print ads, a business card, menu, or even a website, but I’m scratching my head on this one.

qr code in tv ads

Honestly, when I saw the GoDaddy commercial and the QR code, I tried to the best of my ability to whip out my iPhone 4s, enter in my four-digit password, scroll to my QR code reader, and then scan the QR code on the TV ad. Danica Patrick is a slight distraction as well breaking my focus on the task at hand.

The only way I was able to even snap I photo of the local ad in Vegas was while working late one night I left my camera on / ready whenever commercials started to run.

How does Godaddy or any other TV advertiser expect a person to whip out a smart phone and scan a QR code on a TV screen in 30 seconds or less? One person I talked with mentioned it might be good for folks using TIVO; If that’s what users had in mind it seems like very weak argument for implementing QR codes.

What are your thoughts?  Would you ever try to scan a QR code on a TV ad? Do you think you can get your phone out fast enough? Share your comments on QR Codes in TV ads below.

Also check out this other article I found regarding

QR Code in TV Ads