App Store Ten Billion Downloads

I’m doing some basic math as I watch the App Store download counter go by and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • App Store is doing roughly 100,000 downloads every 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Counter should roll over to 10,000,000,000 in about 5 to 5.5  days. That would be Friday the 21st or Saturday, January 22nd.

How does your math add up? When do you think the App Store will hit 10 billion downloads?

I plan on buying several apps just before it rolls over? Will you be doing the same? Will the app counter start to speed up as it closes in on ten billion downloads?

What are your thoughts? Weigh in on when you think the App Store will hit this historic milestone.

2011 Poem for Thought

Found this somewhere and wanted to share.

He toiled by day,
He toiled by night,
He gave up play,
And all delight.
Dry books he read,
New things to learn.
And forged ahead,
Success to earn.
He plodded on with faith and pluck
And when he won
Men called it Luck.

What are you going to do different this year to make it your best online year ever?

The Problem With Review Sites

Review sites can be a great source of information with reviews from actual customers or feedback on a product, service, or type of business. However,  a general trend is that a website owner develops and promotes a review site; Some have real information while others may have artificially generated data. In some verticals, competitors will create false or bogus reviews for their competition.

The problem that exists with some review sites is they turn out to be a form of online extortion for businesses that show up or get listed. Once a review site gains some traction in a particular market or niche, they are typically marketed to the businesses in that niche under the auspices of pay, or you won’t be able to manage or contest anything negative that might show up as a review or rating.

With the advent of review and rating sites and the growth of social media; a new industry call Online Reputation Management has been created. Companies that perform reputation management services will work with various rating, review or social media sites to bury or remove negative online information.

Has your business been unfairly characterized or slandered on a review or ratings site? Share your story with our readers below. Have you dealt with a review or ratings site that wanted you to pay before you could negative information about your company?

Posting Comments On SearchEnginePro Guidelines

I’m thankful for the many visitors and the folks that take time to post comments to different articles. I have to share a few guidelines for having your posts accepted:

  • Comment must be related in someway to the article you are responding too.
  • Happy to share some link love by allowing comment posters to link back to their site. However, porn, hate, scam site links, etc. will be blocked as spam.
  • If you use an automated tool to post a comment on an article, you will be blocked as a spammer.
  • Want to become a contributor? Email me through a comment post or contact form and I’ll get back to you. Contributors get the benefit of linking every article back to their  website for some more link love.

Facebook Virus Warning

I talked with my brother this morning who works for a fortune 500 company and shared with me that his laptop was infected and near crashing after opening a file from one of his Facebook friends. He mentioned that a co-worker’s PC was completely wiped out and the hard drive needed to be re-imaged. His co-worker lost two years worth of data.

Apparently, the virus is spread by dispersing an infected attachment through a Facebook users address book.

This is pretty basic stuff, but you should never open an attachment unless you know it’s coming from a trusted source. Just because a friend on Facebook sends you an attachment does not mean that it is safe to open. If possible, scan all of your attachments before attempting to open them.

Are you a Facebook user? Has your computer been infected by opening an attachment or do you have a friend that got a computer virus from opening up an attachment that came from a facebook friend?

Share your stories or comments below for our readers.

Blogging On The Go

This post has nothing to do with search engine marketing, but is a great example of how mobile phone productivity can help customers and providers of search engine marketing services using WordPress.

This short post has been typed out on my Android based phone with a WordPress application.

More to come