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FREE Online XML To CSV Converter

on 11 February 2018  WordPress  convert xlm to csv, free xml to csv converter, free xml to xls converter

Had to share this free online XML to CSV converter because it worked slick on to files for me. One file was 6MB and the other 11.5MB. I had some WordPress XLM that I needed to extract email addresses from. The site below did it flawlessly after putting email addresses into a column for me I was then able to import into MailChimp.


AMP Pages Search Engine Pro Test

on 01 December 2016  WordPress  AMP Forms, AMP Wordpress, AMP WYSIWYG

I've successfully implemented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on you can check it out here: via AMP Supremacy for WordPress. One of the elements Google Webmaster tools test for with AMP pages is whether or not links are too close so I'll post the URL here: "" - There are many other tools for developing AMP pages in Wordpress so I'll continue to  post / update as I test them.

Here are some of my next test objectives with AMP:

  • Test pages and work through some of the error messages such as links being too close or a page title / URL being too long
  • Develop and test forms embedded in an AMP page
  • Test product inventory via AMP


  • AMP Forms:

See AMP version of this page:



FunnelKit Go Review | Honest Review

on 28 January 2016  Lead Generation, WordPress  funnelkit go honest review, funnelkit go review, funnelkit go vs optimizepress

This is an honest and quick review of FunnelKit Go and it will be very quick.

I was introduced to FunnelKit Go in one of my marketing groups this evening..I was actually comparing with Page Monkey.

Since I like to snoop and look at HTML code, I decided to see what was under the on FunnelKit Go's landing page. To my astonishment I discovered they are using OptimizePress!

It is possible to use their plugin with OptimizePress, but why would they not build out a complete landing page with their own software / plugin? So the next question one would have to ask is; How much of the actual landing page was built with OptimizePress vs Funnelkit Go?

While the price is right on this plugin, I'll have to pass on the sheer fact that they did not use their own software to completely build out a landing page for their own product and they failed to show a demonstration with a video background or a video in a landing page. I'm also an OptimizePress user and can pretty much do everything that FunnelKit Go can do. While some say OptimizePress can be confusing or cumbersome, it is a time tested and well supported product.

For this product, I'll save my money and continue to use OptimizePress.


funnelkit go review

Would you like to see more honest IM / WordPress product reviews? Reach out to me via contact form and let me know what you would like to see reviewed

WordPress Security Issues 2015-2016

on 04 November 2015  WordPress, WordPress Plugin Reviews  WordPress Security Issues, WordPress Security Issues 2015, WordPress Security Issues 2016

I'm a long-time WordPress developer / user and have been pleased overall with the product. But I ran into something today that caught me off guard and now has me doing some more digging on WordPress security utilizing several of the top security plugins on the market today. I typically use two:

  • Wordfence
  • Securi Security

I'm not going to write about differences or pros & cons of either security plugin.

To be conservative, I've done 2,000+ WordPress installs over the years, but 2015 is a completely different animal. In the past hackers might deface a website, but they've gotten more clever; Now they don't deface your website, they secretly install their malware or spam software to run quietly undetected unless you are paying attention to server logs or your data center / ISP sends you some sort of complaint.

Typically, WordPress has been one of the most secure CMS / Blog platforms available although there are constant updates required. With that said, it still has been a fairly stable and secure platform.

What I have seen more recently is that even with a clean up to date WordPress install on a web server that is also up to date is that hackers are still easily gaining access and installing their spam scripts or malware. One site I found this week was running both Wordfence and Securi Security and neither one of them during a scan detected anything abnormal, but my server logs said otherwise. When I FTP'd into the site, there are all types of PHP files that did not belong there..I manually cleaned up the site and ran the scan again..Upon the 2nd scan, Wordfence picked up one file I had missed.

Now I have to question the reliability of two of the top WordPress security plugins on the market.

Another thing I've noticed during installs is that if you do not change / hide the way your user profile displays vs. showing your actual login username, lurkers are quickly taking note of your default UN which should never be "admin".

If you have seen anything similar with your WordPress installs please share below. I will continue to update and share any new information I come across.

Increase WordPress Memory When In Shared Hosting Environment

on 01 November 2015  WordPress  Increase cPanel Memory, Increase WordPress Memory

I would like to thank my friends at Virtbiz, a local Data networking and web hosting company located in the Dallas Metroplex area.

We are unfortunately unable to make customization to a shared server's php.ini file on behalf of a single account. However, the end result can be easily accomplished by using a user.ini file.

To set up a user.ini file, perform the following steps:

Log in to your cPanel account.
Navigate to the File Manager (Home >> Files >> File Manager) interface.
Click the Web Root.
Select the Show hidden files checkbox.
Click Go.
Click the target directory. (public_html)
Click New File.

In the Create a New Field text box, enter .user.ini

Note: Do not forget to include the period that precedes the file name.

Click Create New File.
Click .user.ini and click Edit.
Enter the PHP directives that you wish to adjust for the directory and click Save.

You will most likely be interested in the following directives:

For instance, if you wish to make this a maximum of 8MB, you would enter:
upload_max_filesize = 8M
post_max_size = 8M

I hope that this information is helpful.

Support Team
VIRTBIZ Internet Services