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Unbiased and Honest Review of eComily

eComily is an Instagram curation tool that curates data from a single Instagram account to your store. Here’s a sample mine:

Instagram Marketer – eComily Store


Most marketers pitching eComily App don’t have an active store or actually using it…I know, I hit up multiple offers I found on Facebook and asked numerous IM’ers that were pitching the product developed by Precious Ngwu and developer of WP plugins, and a variety of other Internet marketing related tools. Needless to say, none of the IM’ers on FB responded back to me with a link to their working store…they could only send me to their product pitch page.

The eComily App does come with a 30 day money back guarantee so that’s a good thing.

I purchased the pro upgrade which was very confusing. There was absolutely no documentation or videos on software requirements..I never knew it was a WordPress plugin until I installed it on a WP site and then discovered that it also requires WooCommerce to function. This little bit of information is not shared anywhere.

I think that eComily was released too soon. Better documentation should have been developed along with some more detailed videos on setup and use. For someone to drop $67 on a product that has no documentation and then to admit in video sales letters that the ecomily store is pretty much a joke is very misleading on the part of Precious Ngwu.

For $29 you can get a single site license for a Woocommerc / WordPress plugin that does nearly the same thing.

WooCommerce Instagram

I’m still undecided as to whether or not I will ask for a refund. It primarily depends on the response I get back from support.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding eComily and I’ll do my best get you an answer.


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Honest eComily Review

WordPress Security Issues 2015-2016

I’m a long-time WordPress developer / user and have been pleased overall with the product. But I ran into something today that caught me off guard and now has me doing some more digging on WordPress security utilizing several of the top security plugins on the market today. I typically use two:

  • Wordfence
  • Securi Security

I’m not going to write about differences or pros & cons of either security plugin.

To be conservative, I’ve done 2,000+ WordPress installs over the years, but 2015 is a completely different animal. In the past hackers might deface a website, but they’ve gotten more clever; Now they don’t deface your website, they secretly install their malware or spam software to run quietly undetected unless you are paying attention to server logs or your data center / ISP sends you some sort of complaint.

Typically, WordPress has been one of the most secure CMS / Blog platforms available although there are constant updates required. With that said, it still has been a fairly stable and secure platform.

What I have seen more recently is that even with a clean up to date WordPress install on a web server that is also up to date is that hackers are still easily gaining access and installing their spam scripts or malware. One site I found this week was running both Wordfence and Securi Security and neither one of them during a scan detected anything abnormal, but my server logs said otherwise. When I FTP’d into the site, there are all types of PHP files that did not belong there..I manually cleaned up the site and ran the scan again..Upon the 2nd scan, Wordfence picked up one file I had missed.

Now I have to question the reliability of two of the top WordPress security plugins on the market.

Another thing I’ve noticed during installs is that if you do not change / hide the way your user profile displays vs. showing your actual login username, lurkers are quickly taking note of your default UN which should never be “admin”.

If you have seen anything similar with your WordPress installs please share below. I will continue to update and share any new information I come across.

Honest Video Essence Review – Traffic Essence Review

Review of Video Essence and Traffic Essence

Lately I’ve been trying to cut back on the number of WordPress plugins / themes that I purchase because I get way too busy to actually implement or use them on a a day to day basis. Yesterday while in a marketing forum I frequent there was some buzz and chatter about a video curation theme and plugin. I decided to purchase along with several other people in forum and see how fast we might be able to set up…I already had an active domain and thought I would simply install the theme and be off to the races as the promotional video for “Video Essence” demonstrates.

Like others in the video forum, excitement turned quickly into disappointment.

Here are some of the issues I have / had with Video Essence and Traffic Essence:

  • The curation plugin never served any video results for anything trending (plugin default) or simple keyword phrases I entered that generate numerous results on Youtube
  • No disclosure up front on server requirements…only after you purchase will you see what server requirements are to use Video Essence theme / plugin
  • The claim of 120 channels with Traffic Essence is based on purchaser manually  creating up to 40 accounts on 3 web 2.0 sites.

After talking with several users this morning in video forum other purchasers are requesting refunds as well. This is a a product where the sizzle definitely tasted better than the steak.

Only after purchasing Video Essence will you discover that you need to run at least PHP 5.4 and Mcrypt PHP extension.

Video Essence Review - Server Requirements

When trying to curate videos with Video Essence I never got beyond this point or could get any results to display.

Video Essence Review - Video Curator Functionality

Traffic Essence relies on the purchaser creating up to 40 accounts on, Tumblr, and Blogger. This should be disclosed up front vs. making potential buyers think the 140 channels are built into the plugin.

Traffic Essence Screenshot

Again, myself and several other competent video marketers were not able to get Video Essence working. If you have better results and some working examples please feel free to comment and share your results here. I hope you found this Video Essence and Traffic Essence review helpful.

30 Seconds Content Curator

30 Seconds Content Curator – Review and Demo

Follow me as I demo and review several tools created by Patrick Tuttle. I will be building out a new website using “30 Seconds Content Curator” and a new sitemap tool. In addition to  Patrick’s tools, I will list and provide video demos of all the tools I use for the development of “” our demo website.

30 Seconds Content Curator Demo Video

[vsw id=”Q-yaNx_nGv8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Get Your Copy of 30 Seconds Content Curator Plugin