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Unbiased and Honest Review of eComily

eComily is an Instagram curation tool that curates data from a single Instagram account to your store. Here’s a sample mine:

Instagram Marketer – eComily Store


Most marketers pitching eComily App don’t have an active store or actually using it…I know, I hit up multiple offers I found on Facebook and asked numerous IM’ers that were pitching the product developed by Precious Ngwu and developer of WP plugins, and a variety of other Internet marketing related tools. Needless to say, none of the IM’ers on FB responded back to me with a link to their working store…they could only send me to their product pitch page.

The eComily App does come with a 30 day money back guarantee so that’s a good thing.

I purchased the pro upgrade which was very confusing. There was absolutely no documentation or videos on software requirements..I never knew it was a WordPress plugin until I installed it on a WP site and then discovered that it also requires WooCommerce to function. This little bit of information is not shared anywhere.

I think that eComily was released too soon. Better documentation should have been developed along with some more detailed videos on setup and use. For someone to drop $67 on a product that has no documentation and then to admit in video sales letters that the ecomily store is pretty much a joke is very misleading on the part of Precious Ngwu.

For $29 you can get a single site license for a Woocommerc / WordPress plugin that does nearly the same thing.

WooCommerce Instagram

I’m still undecided as to whether or not I will ask for a refund. It primarily depends on the response I get back from support.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding eComily and I’ll do my best get you an answer.


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Honest eComily Review

KeywordXP Review | Honest Review of KeywordXP

Honest KeywordXP Review

I was excited about trying out KeywordXP as I’ve purchased some great products by Paul Clifford in the past. Unfortunately, there was one thing that caught me off guard…the license agreement:

keywordxp review

KeywordXP employs various methods including cookies to track your use of their product and reserve the right to use and sell any anonymous data they collect on keyword searches, volume, etc.

I have a major issue with this…I love purchasing great tools, but I don’t want my use tracked or usage data sold.

I’m requesting a refund on KeywordXP and unable to write a review on how good or poorly the product performed as I can’t get past the notion of my search activity being tracked whether anonymous or not.

What are your thoughts on software / app developers tracking your activity?

Think about the implications? You invest a bunch of time researching your niche and then all of your search activity can be sold to a potential competitor.

I also feel it is a slight conflict of interest for a software developer whether it be KeywordXP or any other Internet marketing tool to ask me to trust them to use their tool(s) and then sell my usage data.

Sorry Paul Clifford and KeywordXP, I’ll have to pass on this tool for now.

KeywordXP Review

Maybe in the near future Paul will give users the ability to turn off tracking.

Commission Ignition Review Hitesh Juneja

Thinking about purchasing Commission Ignition from Hitesh Juneja? Please read this review first.

First, let me say, I think Hitesh is a pretty brilliant guy, but his business ethics are questionable. Let me also say that it pains me to yet write another negative review about yet another Internet marketer.

I purchased Keyword Dissection (Premium Membership $997) back in January 2011 at the recommendation of Marty Roz. He spoke highly of Hitesh and Hitesh made lots of promises about what he was going to deliver.

Below is current screen shot of site. As you’ll see, the site does not work and is being reworked (possibly). The forum is gone and login buttons do not work.


While writing this, I’ve been doing some active research and the forum is still up at and the premium membership link is up at – I’m now running some tests to see if any of the functionality is still working…brb I’m going to let process run for 5-10 minutes and see if it delivers any results. Also, take a look at the forum posts, you’ll see other purchasers of keyword dissection and the ongoing issues they. Again, Hitesh was no where to be found with support for a product he developed.


Ok, so I gave the long tail keyword compiler 10 minutes to run and nothing.

So back to the reason for this post….Hitesh and some of his new partners may be developing new IM products, but as you can see, Hitesh let a whole community of people down and has never publicly acknowledged customers for Keyword Dissection in the forum or via email.

So go ahead, purchase Commission Ignition Review, I hope Hitesh provides better support for this product than he did Keyword Dissection… I can hardly wait for KD2 to arrive as I’m seeing some posts about version 2.

Please feel free to post comments if you are a previous purchaser of Keyword Dissection, Commission Ignition Review or any of Hitesh Juneja products below.