CPV Lab vs. Demon Tracking vs. AdtrackzGold

Whether you are new to Internet marketing or a seasoned veteran, you’re probably just as frustrated as I am with all the crappy reviews and information about various tracking tools. For me, I got lazy letting another company do critical tracking for me. I had looked at and purchased two of the above products and downloaded / installed Prosper202 in the past, but never really got around to implementing a solution to track all of my paid traffic sources.

For lack of the ability to split test landing pages natively, I’ll be leaving Prosper202 out of this short review.

If you are dabbling with online marketing, Prosper202 or Demon Tracking might be good options. One is free and the other could be purchased previously for about $17

If you are running a business and your online income depends on solid tracking and good customer support CPV Lab is the way to go (no affiliate link)


  • AdtrackzGold – submitted a ticket over 12 hours ago and have not heard back from theses guys…this is horrible if you are running a business and need support
  • Demon Tracking – Email these guys for support and was told to watch videos and ask questions in the forum
  • CPV Lab – I have been in constant communication with “Mo” all day today working through some set up questions for Adwords / Bing / Yahoo tracking – while they don’t offer any paid support, their response times and willingness to help has been stellar!

I will be posting additional comments here along with “real” video tutorials and not just some dudes 10,000 foot overview to sell an affiliate click…there will be no affiliate links anywhere in this thread…this is to share information. (CPVLab vs. Demon Tracking vs. Adtrackz Gold)

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  1. I was contacted by a company I had not heard of until yesterday.. Clickmeter. They offer a hosted tracking solution that might be worth taking a look at. You can try their FREE demo before you decide if you want to go with a monthly plan at http://clickmeter.com

    This brings up the analysis of self-hosted vs. hosted tracking tools. Only you can decide what is best for your business.

    Thank you again to Maurizio of Clickmeter for sharing their product with me.
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  2. I’m modifying my opinion on Adtrackz Gold – I finally heard back from them and they’ve come on strong. They installed Adtrackz Gold on one of my dedicated domains and I like the fact that they have some templates and it’s got a decent head start on being ready out of the box to monitor ad spend at the keyword level. So now it’s a dog race between Adtrackz Gold and CPV Lab…CPV Lab is also doing a clean install for me, but the process has been slow, but they have been very responsive.

    I’d like to see some comments below because I’m not the first or only online marketer that would like to see some of the top tracking software developers offer or provide a premium service to get software set up and running and then some help with getting some basic campaigns set up.

    I’ll be testing both Adclickz Gold and CPV Lab to see which one will do a better job over the long-haul with PPC management / conversions and any differences / benefits of one vs. the other on the reporting side…more to come.
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  3. Here are a few other differences between Adclickz Gold and CPV Lab:

    CPV Lab runs $300 for one copy / license and then $150 per year for updates. Also, I’ve found the upgrade process to be painful. Fortunately, they offered to do a clean install for me.

    Adtrackz Gold runs $77 and it is an unlimited license..they also offer a WP plugin to compliment the software. Currently, there are no-recurring license fees for the software.
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  4. I discovered another tracking tool today called http://www.imobitrax.com – looks like it’s geared primarily for mobile websites / ad tracking.

    I’m still trying to become familiar with adtrackz gold, and cpv lab and was doing some research on Hidden Token values. While CPV Lab has been very responsive through trouble tickets, no paid option to help clients fast track set up…hint, hint, hint ad tracking software companies.
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  5. I looked at the different products you reviewed, and to tell you the truth, i’m not sure what’s the difference. They pretty much offer the same package with little variations and emphasis on certain features. But overall, the same product. It seems that you had some issues with the software setup and luckily you had them to respond, quickly or not, to your support tickets and eventually set your server up.
    Now, you had an issue during the setup and i am wondering what happens when your server goes down and you have 200 campaigns running. What do you do at this point? What’s the backup? Who’s helping you getting online again?

  6. Great question…I see you have a solution on your site that I’ll have to check out. I’ve been running dedicated machines for 15+ years so I’ve got a semi-reliable solution in place. Happy to further discussion.

  7. Got to say CPV lab support thus far has been slow and pretty Sh***house

    DO they rotate or are you stuck with the same person for life??

    I’ve got the same guy who advised me on the wrong subid, postback url information

  8. WOW Phil,

    very exact complaining informations you deliver here!
    I am a long-time user of CPVLab and i did all the time very good experience with them. Yes they have Mo and somebody else who do the support, but my impression was never they dont know what they advice.

    The only cons i see CPVLab have is that the backend interface is really not the best and a bit crowdy in my opinion. It could be a little bit more build also for newbies .

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