Facebook Virus Warning

on 08 April 2010  Articles, Uncategorized  Address Book, Attachments, Brother, Co Worker, Computer Virus, Data Virus, Facebook Friends, Fortune 500 Company, Friend Share, Hard Drive, Laptop, Virus Warning

I talked with my brother this morning who works for a fortune 500 company and shared with me that his laptop was infected and near crashing after opening a file from one of his Facebook friends. He mentioned that a co-worker's PC was completely wiped out and the hard drive needed to be re-imaged. His co-worker lost two years worth of data.

Apparently, the virus is spread by dispersing an infected attachment through a Facebook users address book.

This is pretty basic stuff, but you should never open an attachment unless you know it's coming from a trusted source. Just because a friend on Facebook sends you an attachment does not mean that it is safe to open. If possible, scan all of your attachments before attempting to open them.

Are you a Facebook user? Has your computer been infected by opening an attachment or do you have a friend that got a computer virus from opening up an attachment that came from a facebook friend?

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