Find Precious Website Visitors

Do you need more precious #website traffic in 2016? 
Ok, you had an amazing website built last year, but you are still trying to figure out how to get more precious visitors to your website.
For most #website owners, they are looking for #targetedtraffic meaning visitors that are looking for their product or service. 
I always start every project with in-depth #keywordresearch – In order to show up in the #searchengines you first need to understand how your potential audience tries to find you. 
I always tell people they will be surprised with the data. There are always a couple of #keywords that surprise you at how little / how much they are searched.
I recently saw a quote for a #technology company where the #seocompany said they would optimize #webpages for 10 keywords that the customer provided…that’s BS. Most companies don’t know… That’s why they are hiring someone that does #searchengineoptimization 
I know several business owners that are crushing it #online right now with #socialmedia, but building an audience that is going to give you #money takes time and persistence, and that’s another chapter.
If you have no idea what keywords you should be targeting for your business or have never had a #keywordanalysis done PM/DM me for more information for this cost effective service. I have been doing #keyword research for 16+ years and can help you get more targeted online visitors.

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