Google Adwords Display Network Impressions



google adwords display network impressions on computersSetting up a new Google Adwords campaign for just the “display network” revealed some interesting results. After two days of testing no impressions have been recorded on Computers…only mobile devices and tablets with full browsers. You’ll see that I had made a negative bid adjustment for mobile devices as I generated 325 clicks in about 12 hours which resulted in zero conversions.

Interestingly, tablets with full browsers has logged a reasonable number of impressions for my test with a handful of clicks and zero conversions.

This campaign was set up for the display network with selected keywords which are fairly popular and enjoy a high level of competition. I would have expected to see some level of impressions on computers, but this data would suggest that display ads are only showing on mobile devices or display network is no longer relevant to publishers with full websites.

I say or show this as it is quite obvious that the mobile clicks are all or predominately mobile click fraud. I can say this with some level of confidence as the test website in question and ads have a fairly long and successful track record over the past 5-6 years.

I’m going to continue running some tests, but wondering what other Adwords advertisers are seeing. Have you run any tests that shows computer / desktop impressions are getting less impressions and conversions than mobile generated impressions?

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