Google Adwords Keyword Status Change

Google has added some additional information to the keyword status tool recently. I’m not sure when it was added yet, but it is a welcome change.

Previously when checking status of a keyword, you might see that a keyword is eligible, but when checking to if the keyword was displaying you would see a message similar to that on the left with “No” in red. You would only see that there was another ad or keyword triggering in another area of your account.

Now, if another keyword triggers a different ad for a similar keyword, Google is pointing to the specific keyword, campaign, and ad group. This is a great tool for trouble shooting your account.

It would drive me crazy when I saw this message, but had no clue as to what keyword might be triggering rather than the specific keyword I wanted to trigger an ad.

Has the addition of keyword, campaign, and ad group information to the keyword status tool helped you trouble shoot your adwords account? Share your story and comment below>>>

One thought on “Google Adwords Keyword Status Change”

  1. Very odd…I’m finding that Adwords keyword status is not 100% consistent. Seems some of my keywords will show detail while others do not. I think this is a great feature, but it looses some of its shine if it is not displaying 100% of the time.

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