The Google Affiliate Slap

If you have not been following the latest Google Adwords news their is a new Google Affiliate Slap starting to make headlines. I first heard the news from Perry Marshall and most recently from from the folks at Hexatrack.

In short, Google does not like affiliate marketers and is now penalizing sites that link directly to affiliate offers, but do not add any value to the site or offer. Google is being especially hard on review sites that link to affiliate offers.

This will obviously be big news for the next several weeks so stay tuned for more information.

One thought on “The Google Affiliate Slap”

  1. Perry Marshall and his team ran some tests which seem to indicate that affiliate links that are cloaked or masked were not affected by the Google Affiliate Slap.

    Perry is recommending that affiliate marketers need to move towards a deeper list building / relationship building strategy and/or a stong e-commerce model.

    What are your thoughts on the Google Affiliate Slap? Has it affected your business?

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