Google Buzz - Another Google App

on 09 February 2010  Google, Social Media Marketing, Twitter  Apps, Buzz, Flickr, Gmail Account, Google, Google News, Grasp, Information Visit, Media Application, News Item, Social Media, Social Work

Google Buzz. What's that? Normally, one would associate Google Buzz with some news item about Google, but in this case Google Buzz is a new social media application that will work your Gmail account and other social media apps such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader, and Picasa. What are your thoughts? Do we need another application from Google? I'm not sure I'm ready for Google to have ownership of everything I do on the Internet, but they've got a pretty good grasp on every corner of the web anyway. Has Google Buzz shown up in your Gmail account yet? I'm still waiting to check it out.

For more information visit Google Buzz

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