Honest Rent A SERP Review – Real Review of RentASERP

When I first saw the video sales pitch I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the video and the claims of renting out domains without having to talk with people using the Rent A SERP theme and Rent A SERP plugin. I quickly set up a test domain and noticed that the theme collects some contact details if a visitor decides to try renting the domain for 5 minutes.

My first thought after seeing the theme is what are these guys doing to get a single page website to rank and stay ranked to rent out the SERP / domain.

(No mention of “The System” or how it can optimize “The Entire Site” and Rank It)

I went to the webinar replay that Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino held… I was hoping to get some more insight into what system they were using to get their one page theme to rank and stay ranked for renting out a domain.

DISAPPOINTMENT – As I started to watch the webinar video replay, my excitement for this product went to buzz kill. They don’t show any methodology for utilizing the Rent A SERP theme and plugin as intended in the sales video…the theme and plugin are designed to collect prospects for SEO clients…not actually renting a specific domain. I find this quite bizarre as the concept of the plugin for renting out a domain is genius, but it seems these guys are more interested in generating ongoing SEO work vs. actually renting out domains using the plugin. There’s also an OTO / up-sell for a mastermind group that costs $497.

I’ve submitted a support ticket asking for more information on specifics regarding just Rent A SERP and will update this post later.

In closing, I think the Rent A SERP plugin has some value to use with a multi-page website that have a chance of staying ranked on page one for local keywords, but looking for some proof that the one page theme can have any staying power. I’m going to keep the theme and plugin. Unfortunately, the plugin cannot be purchased seperately.


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  1. #rentaserp – Side note, this is also an interesting example of how JVZoo resellers / affiliates jump on the bandwagon writing “Honest Rent A SERP” reviews when they’ve never purchased, tested, or used the theme or plugin…but they are quick to convince you that it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. This goes for most IM products.

    As you scroll the first two pages of SERPS for “honest rent a serp review” you’ll notice their is not a real review from an actual user…until now. All of the reviews are from IMers with affiliate links to purchase Rent A SERP.

    I throw this out as a challenge to IMers…don’t put up BS reviews if you have not actually tested the product (any product).
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  2. At last! My hat is off to you sir! I’ve been looking for an HONEST review as you put it for a while. I finally found your site after entering july 2014 along with rent a serp review in the search bar to hopefully eliminate all those pre-launch reviews that are basically crap!

    I purchased rent-a-serp, the plugin and theme and the 14 day Landlord training and yes I too was disappointed by the fact there was very little in the way of methodology provided.

    I thought I would set up a few silo’d localized sites anyway and see how they went for a couple of weeks without any real input from me (backlinks etc) and I can see that no matter how good the theme and plugin are, and in my opinion they are really good, without the right implementation plan you will still be hitting your head against a brick wall.

  3. Hi Danny,

    I set up one site…contact the guys over at Rent A SERP, but they still never really answered the question of how do they successfully keep a one page theme ranked long enough to rent the SERP.

    I may run a few experiments with some of my personal themes and see if the plugin works in helping get the domain / SERP rented.

    If you happen to read this over at rentaserp.com guys please reply and help the community that purchased your product use it as you pitch it in your videos.
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