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  1. Quick update for Mac users wanting to use Adcenter Desktop with Windows.

    Again, while Microsoft support maintains that Adcenter Desktop will not run on a Mac, I’ve successfully installed using VMWare.

    I recently migrated to Parallels and Adcenter Desktop is working fine for me running Windows XP Pro and Parallels.

    If you are having any trouble, share your post here and I’ll be happy to post video or screen shots.

  2. Hi Mac Users,

    Sorry I must post an unpleasant update. During one of my Adcenter startups, I got a message asking me to update my database files. Since doing so on both my macbook and macbook pro, I have not been able to start Adcenter Desktop without it generating an error message and then shutting down.

    This is very frustrating for anyone using a Mac, but wanting to take advantage of Adcenter Desktop. Microsoft is basically forcing us to go out and purchase a Windows machine….even though I’ve purchased two copies of Win XP Pro to run under Parallels on both of my Macs.

    I think if enough Mac users put up a protest, we can get Microsoft to create mac compatible version or at least a version that will run on a virtual machine. What are you thinking Microsoft?

    If you are a Mac user and cannot use AdCenter Desktop, sign or comment below.

  3. Talked with a Microsoft advertising rep today. She basically informed me that Microsoft has no current plans to write a version of Adcenter Desktop that will function correctly on any virtual version of Windows running on a Mac.

    She also went on to tell me that even if you are able to get Adcenter Desktop to run on Windows under Parallels or VMWare that it won’t work indefinitely. This seems to hint at a deliberate attempt to prevent Adcenter from running on a Mac under any circumstance.

    As unfortunate as this is I will set up a Windows box just so I can access Adcenter Desktop.

    I’m working with my mac tech now to possibly test a partition to run Windows outside of Parallels or VMWare. I’ll let you know here the results of my test, but for now, if you want to run Adcenter you need a Windows machine.

  4. Recent Question: how do i use microsoft adcenter on a mac?

    Answer: You don’t

    Untill Microsoft decides to pony up and build a Mac version you will either need to utilize a Windows machine as I did or use spreadsheets to download / upload large changes or edits to your account.

    It is possible to get Adcenter Desktop to work on a Mac, but it will be unstable. I messed around with it long enough that my loss in productive time was not worth trying to keep it working on VMWare or Parallels.

  5. I’ve been running Parallels 5 with Windows Vista on a Macbook Pro 2ghz i7 (default settings and 4GB RAM) to be able to use adcenter desktop. To compare to Adwords Editor, if I select a campaign with 100k keywords to make a destination URL change to them, it will take adcenter desktop at least 5 times longer to make the change.

    Then there’s the whole 30 minutes to upload vs. 5 minutes with Adwords, but that’s just Bing for ya.

    It is definitely very sluggish at times navigating through the campaigns, but eventually I can get it to do what I need. I’m going to upgrade to 8GB RAM, Parallels 6, and Windows 7 and allocate more than the default 1GB RAM to the virtual machine which I suspect will help a lot.

  6. Hi Adam,

    How did Adcenter desktop run after upgrading your RAM? Curious. I’m finding Adcenter Desktop even runs slow on Windows 7. For this reason I’m just using spreadsheet to get my work completed. I do like the feature of being able to de-dupe your account.

  7. This issue infuriates me. It seems pretty clear that Microsoft is too arrogant to dedicate any resources to building out a desktop tool for osx. This is why they are a dying business.

    I have excel for mac, and bulk imports still do not work. When I last reached out to customer service, they needed to open a ticket to research the issue and would get back to me in 24 hours. I heard back about 2 days later that excel files created on osx are not compatible with adcenter. They subsequently opened another ticket to upload the 2000 row file for me. It only took a week total to edit 2000 kw’s!

  8. I talked with my new Microsoft Adcenter rep a couple days ago who also happens to be a manager. I asked him about any new plans to develop a supported version of the Adcenter Desktop for Mac and he replied it’s a numbers game.

    He has had folks call in and ask for a Mac supported version of Adcenter Desktop, but Mac users need to call their reps or ask to speak with a manager that can put it on an agenda. If you would like to help get support for a Mac version of Adcenter Desktop comment below with >> “I want Mac Adcenter Desktop”

  9. Me too!! It’s ridiculous that Microsoft will not or has not mentioned any plans to support Mac users. I need to use my Windows 7 laptop just to access my Adcenter account. Firefox, Safari, and Opera on any Mac I’ve tried will not let me access my account. Tells me there is some sort of cookie issue even though cookies are enabled.

    Microsoft….Give us Adcenter Desktop for Macs!!!

  10. This is major everyone! I just discovered this today after reading this article: http://community.microsoftadvertising.com/forums/p/72651/110580.aspx?ForumPostType=Reply#110580

    If you use 1Password to login to your Adcenter account you will get a javascript or cookies error message or both.

    I manually entered my un / pw and got into my Adcenter account with no problems.

    If you use 1Password for managing your un/pw on your Mac give this a try. Check out the article for more information.

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