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Microsoft Adcenter Desktop for Mac users update: A month or so ago I talked with my account rep regarding Adcenter desktop for Mac users. I was informed that Adcenter would not run on Windows being emulated on a Mac.

Fortunately, it's my nature to try and attempt what others say cannot be done so I installed Adcenter Desktop on my Macbook Pro to see what would happen. I'm running VMWare Fusion and Windows XP Pro so that is the only configuration I can speak to accurately.

Here's a screen shot to confirm that Adcenter Desktop is running on my Macbook:

I was able to successfully download my account. My next report will be on how well the functionality works. This is big news for Mac users utilizing Microsoft Adcenter for PPC advertising. I'll also be contacting my rep to let her know that Adcenter desktop is working for me contrary to what her knowledge base says.

Are you a Mac user? Do you have Microsoft Adcenter Desktop running under any other configuration? Share your Adcenter Desktop story with our visitors.

Adcenter Desktop Error Message: (see two or three posts down) 9/2/10 post

Post Update 9/2/10:

With the announced cut-over date of mid October 2010 from Yahoo to Microsoft's Adcenter, the push for advertisers to migrate their Yahoo PPC accounts over to Adcenter is certainly going to create more controversy as Mac users may try to install and use Adcenter desktop for the first time. This may also be an opportunity for Google to point out that they are operating system neutral supporting both Mac and PC users.

I need more Mac users to share information, success or failure in trying to implement Adcenter Desktop. If you do not plan to utilize Adcenter Desktop, what are your plans for managing large numbers of keywords?