Network Solutions Review – Scalping Customers

Network Solutions Review

I’ve used Network Solutions for many, many, many years. Today while helping a client renew a domain which had expired on 8/6/12 I was surprised to see a new fee (not sure how long they’ve been doing this) called a “Reinstatement Fee” of $25.99. A one-time charge to reinstate a domain name that has expired. This is yet another method of scalping customers for more revenue. I could see Network Solutions charging this fee if a person had to manually reinstate or activate the domain, but the system is completely automated.

Seems some domain Registrars are following the way of many banks and looking for new ways to add additional fees to domain registrants. Network Solutions was the first and original registrar for .com, .net and .org domains. While many registrars have gotten competitive, Network Solutions still charges $35 for a year domain registration as they did nearly 20 years ago.

Are you aware of any other add-on fees Network Solutions or other registrars are charging? Share your comments or story below>>

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  1. The fact that I cannot auto renew domains without paying the full $35 annual registration fee is not good. They flipped them to auto renew once without my approval and I had a several hundred dollar charge to be reversed on my card. So, I have to call in and speak to a representative, who tries to sell marketing services or other services that I don’t want, in order to get my “Gold VIP” price. Since I am forced to call it is not convenient. Now tonight I find out the expiration is based on Eastern Time. This is a really bad policy when it means Network Solutions will now insist on charging a reinstatement fee for several domains I called in to renew because of time zone differences. I have been a Netsol customer for 20 years and sadly today they are losing my business because of a really poor policy. This reinstatement policy screams to customers that they don’t care if we register names with them any longer. I will not pay this fee. I will let the domains expire – or try to transfer if I can. I will go away as an very unhappy customer. The only way I can demonstrate my frustration is to take my business elsewhere. So much for 20 years of loyalty. I will now start the process of transferring all my other domains to another registrar. Farewell Netsol!

  2. Unfortunately, it’s not just Network Solutions. All the registrars know they’ve got you by the short hairs. I did have a good experience with GoDaddy wholesale division “WildWest Domains”. I had a domain expire and they allowed me to register the domain for 8 years and waived the reinstatement fee.

    Network Solutions however is not even remotely competitive compared to other registrars such as Godaddy or

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