Why Good Domain Names Are Critical To Your Business

We all know that good domain names are important to your business. I’ll take it a step further and say it’s even critical.

While there is much debate on search engine marketing tactics, SEO, PPC strategies or Pay Per Click strategies for those of you still learning the acronyms; One thing is clear. The industry has sort of leveled off with respect to tools and information. We all know how to spy one another’s Adword campaigns, we can scrape sites for keywords. So from that perspective, the folks that do this professionally understand most of the tools and tricks of the trade.

So where does that leave us? With a level playing field, I believe at the end of the day it comes back down to the domain or domain names you choose to represent your business. If  you’ve got two competing Google Adword ads and one has a display URL / Landing page URL of somereallygoofylongdomainname.info vs. mypowerdomain.com ultimately ads and marketing with winning domain names will play a key role in having that slight advantage in a day when everything is visible when it comes to online marketing.

What are your thoughts? Have you secured the perfect domain name for your product or service? Share with our visitors

Selling A Domain Name On Craigslist: NOT

I have to give the folks at Sell-My.com some cred for their post (post appears to be deleted or moved as of 1/1/2010). As a buyer, seller, developer of domains for over 10 years I’m still surprised at some of the wrongfully placed ill-will still out there for folks that buy and sell domain names.

Apparently, Craigslist considers Erotic services less of an evil to society than some entrepreneur trying to sell a domain name. While i’ve been able to successfully sell a couple of geo domains on Craigslist, nearly all of my ads of lately have been flagged for immediate deletion.

So, if you if you provide erotic services and have a credit card, you can do business on Craigslist under a “special” category. The Craigslist police have stated in several posts that domain names are not tangible and you cannot touch them. I guess erotic services are OK because you see and touch the merchandise.

CEO Jim Buckmaster: You are missing an opportunity to earn some additional revenue. Set up a special category for domain name sales and let those of us who are legit pay… or aren’t domain name sales erotic enough?

Don’t Get Burned By Google Adwords

This evening, I heard a story about a successful local business that got burned using Google Adwords. How did they get burned? They apparently had their account set to autopay and were using keywords that broad matched to a newly released movie. They burned through $18,000 over one weekend.

Can you imagine this poor guy coming into the office on Monday morning expecting to find some new orders or leads, opening up his Google Adwords account only to find he spent 18k in company money for movie clicks? While this story may sound extreme or remote, it’s not. Many Adword nubes loose money because they don’t understand some of the basic principles of keyword matching.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of putting campaigns or accounts on autopilot. We spend a substantial amount of money each month on Adwords advertising, but I still look at accounts each morning and fund them accordingly.

Are you new to Google Adwords? Don’t get burned because you don’t understand how Google matches your keywords. Start off modestly funding your account until you are confident you know what you are doing. Watch your accounts over 30-60 days and make sure your keyword campaigns are stable.

Today, there are many Google Adwords marketers that can help get you over the learning hump or even review your keyword campaigns to make sure you are set up correctly. Don’t be another Google Adwords headline. If you need help with your Adwords account, get it. The price of getting professional help will be worth it in the long run.

Video Search Engine Marketing

Recently I received an email and video offering a new service and software product allowing the average person to add video quickly and easily to any website. The video pitch goes on to state that utilizing YouTube, Revver, and other similar video services shows visitors to your website that you don’t know how to add video, it’s cheap looking,  and you give visitors the opportunity to click off your website.

I must respectfully disagree. There are numerous reasons why someone looking to utilize video marketing would want to utilize YouTube and similar services:

  • YouTube and Revver type video services get indexed by the major search engines much better than self served video from your own website.
  • YouTube and similar type video services put your video, product, or service in front of a wide and growing audience.
  • If you are using video and not showing up on YouTube or other similar video services you are missing an important marketing avenue.

While one can argue that third party hosted videos give visitors the opportunity to click off your site or check out another video, that’s true of any form of Internet marketing. Whether you’re talking about SERPs, PPC, directories, etc. there is almost always an opportunity for a visitor to go somewhere else.

Video marketing is subject to some of the same principles as other forms of Internet marketing. How well is your video message? Does your video communicate your product or service effectively? Is your website and internal processes set up adequately to take orders, inquiries, or help a potentially new customer?

Hosting and adding video to your personal website is nothing new. Bandwidth pricing is so favorable that you can purchase additional bandwidth to support your videos for pennies. A quick Google search will reveal a number of free and inexpensive tools that will help the average person put video on their website quickly and cost effectively.

What are your thoughts on adding video to your website? Are you using video? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with our visitors.

Domain Names For Sale

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Will also consider a co-development project with the right company or investors.

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