Posting Comments On SearchEnginePro Guidelines

on 08 October 2010  Uncategorized  Benefit, Contributor, Love, Posters, Someway, Spam, Spammer

I'm thankful for the many visitors and the folks that take time to post comments to different articles. I have to share a few guidelines for having your posts accepted:

  • Comment must be related in someway to the article you are responding too.
  • Happy to share some link love by allowing comment posters to link back to their site. However, porn, hate, scam site links, etc. will be blocked as spam.
  • If you use an automated tool to post a comment on an article, you will be blocked as a spammer.
  • Want to become a contributor? Email me through a comment post or contact form and I'll get back to you. Contributors get the benefit of linking every article back to theirĀ  website for some more link love.