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I can’t talk about PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing without first sharing a short story that puts this type of marketing into perspective. Being involved with organic SEO since 1999 I had blinders on for a long time to other types of marketing. My thought process was why pay for traffic when you can get your traffic for free. This is a short sited strategy. (Just the other day I had a self proclaimed organic SEO guy tell me he would never pay for traffic) I just laughed.

My thought process was forever changed when I got involved with niche marketing for the auto industry. Starting out with a modest budget, and putting some of my organic SEO experience to practice I was able to start converting 10% of my traffic. (Very high by industry standards) Recently, I hit an all time high with an 11.4% conversion rate.

Pay per click marketing shortens your time to market cycle and arms you with valuable data you can later use for organic SEO marketing.

Here’s why PPC marketing rocks:

  • Instant traffic to your website (as little as 15 minutes)
  • Discover keywords that convert or drive the most traffic to your website
  • Discover long tail keywords that can lower your PPC costs
  • Discover keywords that you want to target for organic SEO
  • Instant market research and split testing areas such as ad copy, pages, display URLs, etc.

While you can find hundreds of stories online of folks that lost money or didn’t get results using PPC marketing, don’t be disuaded by the failure of folks who may not have had a clue to what they were doing. There are many videos and resources to help you get started in testing PPC safely.

If you would like some assistance or coaching we are happy to provide consulting or coaching to help you get started safely with your PPC marketing strategy.

Here are a couple of resources and folks we trust to help you get started if you choose to manage your own pay per click marketing:

  • Perry Marshall – A pioneer in Adwords marketing he wrote one of the first books on the subject “Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords”.
  • Hexatrack – Amish Shah and company understand PPC marketing and have developed some great tools for doing research, uncovering niche markets, and avoiding the Google slap.

PPC Coaching

Do you need ppc (pay per click) coaching for your business? Let search engine pro set up and manage your campaigns or help you in setting up your accounts and helping you manage them with minimal assistance from Search Engine Pro.

Here are some stats from campaigns run from 2008-2009:

Google Adwords

PPC Coaching Google

As you can see from this screen shot over 25,000 leads were generated at a cpa or cost of less than $5 per lead. When averaging organic leads into the equation, we were able to drive average cost per lead down to approximately $2.50 each. (Click image to enlarge)

PPC Coaching Yahoo
PPC Coaching Yahoo

With Yahoo for the same period, 25,558 leads were generated at a cost of $125,160 keeping CPA or cost per lead just under $5 per lead.

PPC Coaching MSN
PPC Coaching MSN

MSN PPC generated nearly 7,000 leads at a cost of $25,296 at an average cpa of $3.66 – Per lead cost.

Image using the power of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other pay per click (ppc) sites to generate instant traffic, leads, or sales for your business. No matter what the skeptics say, pay per click is the fastest way to generate traffic for your business.

Do you need ppc coaching? Contact Search Engine Pro for a no obligation consultation.

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