Socrates Theme Issues | Outage

Today I attempted to view several sites that I have running on the Socrates Theme by Joel Comm and they took 30 + seconds to load if they loaded at all. This has been an ongoing issue so I decided to post something or look around on the Socrates Theme forum. I hit the home page, logged into the forum, and bamm! Here’s a screen shot:

As you can see, is or was down. As of this writing site has not come back up.

I think there is an undisclosed issue regarding theme licensing and Joel’s server loads (just a guess)

Just to be sure, I checked some of my Socrates Themed sites and some of my other WordPress sites from two different Internet connections with static IPs on two different ISPs. Each time, my WP sites not using Socrates Theme loaded extremely fast while ST sites took 30 + seconds to load or did not load at all.

In the past when I’ve experienced this issue, I would attempt to open a Socrates theme site in Safari browser and would not have issues with loading. Today was different.

This is a major issue for Socrates theme owners if their site(s) must authenticate a license before a site can load. (Again, I’m drawing some conclusions, but it seems pretty obvious)

Joel typically puts out top notch stuff so I’m sure he and his team will get this resolved. But for now, those of us who are relying on our sites to load quickly and efficiently are out of luck today. It could be even worse if you are spending pay per click dollars and your site is not loading properly.

As soon as comes back online I’m going to post in the support forum and will report back with resolution.

For now, I’ve switched this site back to my old them until the issue is resolved.

Also did a Google search for “socrates theme” and clicked through that link and still showing site is down with same result as at the top of the page.

3 thoughts on “Socrates Theme Issues | Outage”

  1. This is Dan Nickerson creator and adminstrator of the Socrates Theme. Our primary domain had a DNS issue for approximately an hour earlier today.

    We apologize as it did impact our activation system which may have caused load issues to our customers.

    We have had very few complaints about load times of our theme since it was released almost a year ago. However, we will continue to work to improve load times and will look into any potential activation issues.

  2. Hi Dan,

    I did see that it was down for about an hour. Glad it was resolved. I know you guys put out good products and glad to hear you are working on speeding up license validation. I’ve been watching back links to skyrocket so I’m sure that has created some extra server load as well.

    Thanks for the quick reply – Richard

    PS – Looking forward to watching Pagellan grow. It looks very promising.

  3. Readers: As you can see, I’ve reactivated Socrates theme on again. After testing some of my other WP sites running Socrates I can report load times are very quick this evening with no lag or delay.

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