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adMarketplace Review 2012

on 29 July 2012  Alternative Traffic Sources, Lead Generation  admarketplace review, Advertisers, alternative traffic sources, Collection Purposes, Conclusion, Conversion, Conversions, Duration, Employment Sites, High Quality, Internet Traffic, Ip Addresses, Nbsp, Nickel, Pixel, Risk, Source Companies, Syndication, Target, Traffic Partners, Traffic Source, Traffic Sources, Tweaks





adMarketplace Review:

This adMarketplace review is based on test that lasted just over 30 days beginning around June 18th, 2012 when I was first contacted by an adMarketplace representative. I informed my new rep that I've been contacted by many "alternative traffic source" companies and what my CPA target was. He assured me that it was possible to reach our desired CPA.

I was instructed to run a 30 day minimum test in which the first 15 days would be for data collection purposes and the last 15 days would be for making tweaks to reach target CPA. During the first 15 days of testing, our internal reporting showed that 83% of traffic coming from the adMarketPlace network bounced with duplicate clicks from the same IP addresses being evident in our reporting.

We made additional tweaks to our account and reviewed final data for the duration of our adMarketplace test and were sadly disappointed with our CPA after 30+ days of trying to dial everything in.

During the process of this traffic test, I looked for adMarketplace reviews and all I could find were reviews from employment sites. I was somewhat surprised I could not find any traffic reviews on a company that seems to be getting accolades in the search syndication space.

adMarketplace Review Conclusion:

To be fair to adMarketplace, we could never get our tracking pixel to fire correctly, but we did provide conversion IP data so they could correlate conversions back to their syndicated traffic partners. While some traffic sources did show promise, we were never able to get close enough to our target CPA to prolong the test any further than the end of July 2012.

Here's my main concern with companies that provide syndicated traffic or provide alternative Internet traffic; Most claim traffic is high-quality and target CPA is attainable, but they all want you to experiment on your dime. I'd like to see some of these companies start sharing the risk with advertisers. If you can't deliver on quality traffic or target CPA offer some refunds or credits.

I hope this adMarketplace review helps online marketers no matter what their niche might be.

adMarketplace Review



Auction Insights Google Adwords

on 24 May 2012  Google  Advertisers, adwords auction insights, Auction, auction insights, Chaos, Competitive Intelligence, Google, Google Adwords, google auction insights, Insights, Logging, More Detailed Information, New Feature, Several Factors

Were you as surprised as I was when logging into your Google Adwords account recently to see a new feature offered call "Auction Insights". A new feature designed to provide a level of competitive intelligence at the keyword level as to who you are competing for several factors:

  • Impression Share
  • Average Position
  • Overlap Rate
  • Position Above Rate
  • Top of Page Percentage

For more detailed information on this new feature here are some great articles to reference:

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Will it help advertisers or create more Adwords Chaos?

Adwords Auction Insights


Making The Million Dollar Club - Google Adwords

on 18 July 2011  Google, SEM  15 Minutes, Advertisers, adwords guide, Auction Style, Credit Card, Dollar Club, Google, Google Adwords, Google Engine, Google Search, Marshall, Referral, Search Engine Results, Traffic, understanding google adwords, Ups, Ups And Downs, Website Advertising, what is adwords, what is google adwords

We've recently broke in the the Google Adwords million dollar club. While it's taken us some time to reach this goal there are companies that spend a million+ on Google Adwords advertising each month.

Here's a small screen shot from our account  below>>>

If you are looking to get traffic to your website, advertising with Google Adwords is the fastest way to do it. You can set up an account, load it with funds from your credit card and then start getting traffic in as little as 15 minutes. We've had our ups and downs with Adwords, but we've been profitable.

I'm in the process of getting my referral codes from Google to give potential new advertisers anywhere from a $50-$100 credit for setting up a new Adwords account.

Want to get the most out of Adwords? Perry Marshall wrote the first book on Google Adwords. You can get a copy of his book here:

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is essentially an auction style of bidding on specific keywords for placement on Google SERPs - Search Engine Results Page(s) Check out the screen-shot below:

Click image to enlarge

Google Instant Errors: Display Ads

on 15 April 2011  Google, Search Engines  Accuracy, Advertiser, Advertisers, Carpeting, display ad errors, Display Ads, Google, google display ad errors, google instant display ad errors, google instant errors, Impressions, Low Quality, Quality Score, Searcher, Target Search, Technology

Not sure if anyone has noticed this when searching with Google Instant turned on. From time to time, it appears Google's Instant technology malfunctions on delivering accurate display ads. Take a look at the screen shot below and you'll notice several things:

  • Target search was "Commercial Carports"
  • Only four organic results returned
  • All display ads are for carpeting, not carports

While this may not seem significant for the searcher, this can be for advertisers that get charged with an ad impression thinking their ads are being targeted accurately. Getting incorrect ad impressions can lower CTR (click through rate) thus increasing ad costs or an advertiser getting an inaccurate low quality score. (click image to enlarge)

What are you seeing for search and display accuracy while searching with Google Instant turned on? Comment below...

Microsoft-Bing Hate Mac Users

on 25 September 2010  Bing, SEO  Advertisers, Adwords, Colleagues, Desktop Mac, Google, Hate Microsoft, Internet Marketing Professionals, Mac Users, Mac Version, Market Share, Microsoft Support, Migration Issues, Parallels, Programmers, Related Articles, Toshiba, Toshiba Laptop, Vmware, Web Searches, Win 7

Microsoft-Bing must hate Mac users because they forced me to purchase a Windows 7 laptop just to run Adcenter Desktop which will not run on a Mac under BootCamp, Parallels, or VMWare.

After lots of web searches and calls to my Bing-Adcenter rep. I was informed that even if someone got Adcenter Desktop running successfully, it would be unstable or not work for very long. (not sure what she meant by that)

So, to help Microsoft support additional programmers and create a Mac version of Adcenter Desktop I gave in and purchased a Toshiba laptop running Win 7. Here are some photos below:

On a more serious note :-) Advertisers are Bing customers. Just as Google created a Windows and Mac version of Adwords Desktop, Microsoft needs to step up and do the same. If Bing really wants to increase market share, it should be thinking about ways to make working with Adcenter as easy as possible, not limiting the way that advertisers can interact with their platform. Most of my SEO colleagues and Internet marketing professionals I communicate with all use a Mac.

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