Comcast Fusion / Xfinity Service Issues

You might be wondering what a Comcast Fusion / Xfinity Internet connection has to do with primary subject matter of this website. Since I work mainly from my laptop and remote locations for clients, having access to the Internet is CRITICAL!

I’ve experienced issues in Seattle and now Portsmouth, NH accessing the Internet from a Fusion hotspot / Xfinity connection powered by Comcast.

Here’s a basic overview of the issue:

I access the Internet for a period of time then I am unable to access any of the domains or websites that I’m working on from Xfinity / Fusion Hotspot. After calling Comcast / Xfinity directly in Seattle on two separate trips I was able to get this issue resolved. The websites are always on the same Class C block of IP’s as I’m accessing a dedicated web-hosting server.

Here in NH however, the issue had to be escalated…I’m waiting to hear back from someone on what the long-term solution to this issue is.

This is a major issue for hotels using Fusion Hotspot service from Comcast as the guest feels like the hotel is at fault. High availability Internet access is no longer a requirement just for technology workers, but also the general public.

I’m going off of the assumption that my use of Fusion hotspot service transferring files via FTP, multiple logins, etc. does something to trigger some sort of blockage. I did find a temporary work-around. Using a service that creates a VPN or blocks / changes my IP address allows me to gain access to web hosting server so I can continue to work on websites remotely.

If you work for Comcast / Xfinity / Fusion Hotspot please share this with business support to come up with a long-term solution for high-end web workers that might stay at one of your clients hotels.

Below will be a growing list of hotels that use Comcast Fusion Hotspot service:

  • Holiday Inn


If you experience service issues at a hotel using Comcast Xfinity / Fusion Hotspot service please comment below so I can add the hotel to this list.

A note to hotels that want to attract business users / clientele; Not having 24hr. access to support is not acceptable. It is amazing that at fairly large hotels there can only be one person on staff that knows anything about IT related issues. My case here in NH the only person who knows anything about the Internet went home for the evening. Fortunately, the night person was able to get him to respond with the support number for the Fusion hotspot service.

Hotels need to have an Internet service escalation plan in place along with support numbers for the one-off issue(s) technology workers may experience when working and traveling.