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adMarketplace Review 2012

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adMarketplace Review:

This adMarketplace review is based on test that lasted just over 30 days beginning around June 18th, 2012 when I was first contacted by an adMarketplace representative. I informed my new rep that I've been contacted by many "alternative traffic source" companies and what my CPA target was. He assured me that it was possible to reach our desired CPA.

I was instructed to run a 30 day minimum test in which the first 15 days would be for data collection purposes and the last 15 days would be for making tweaks to reach target CPA. During the first 15 days of testing, our internal reporting showed that 83% of traffic coming from the adMarketPlace network bounced with duplicate clicks from the same IP addresses being evident in our reporting.

We made additional tweaks to our account and reviewed final data for the duration of our adMarketplace test and were sadly disappointed with our CPA after 30+ days of trying to dial everything in.

During the process of this traffic test, I looked for adMarketplace reviews and all I could find were reviews from employment sites. I was somewhat surprised I could not find any traffic reviews on a company that seems to be getting accolades in the search syndication space.

adMarketplace Review Conclusion:

To be fair to adMarketplace, we could never get our tracking pixel to fire correctly, but we did provide conversion IP data so they could correlate conversions back to their syndicated traffic partners. While some traffic sources did show promise, we were never able to get close enough to our target CPA to prolong the test any further than the end of July 2012.

Here's my main concern with companies that provide syndicated traffic or provide alternative Internet traffic; Most claim traffic is high-quality and target CPA is attainable, but they all want you to experiment on your dime. I'd like to see some of these companies start sharing the risk with advertisers. If you can't deliver on quality traffic or target CPA offer some refunds or credits.

I hope this adMarketplace review helps online marketers no matter what their niche might be.

adMarketplace Review



Ugly Websites Do They Work?

on 02 May 2011  Uncategorized, Website Design  10 Years, Auto Dealers, Award Winner, Car Buyers, Conversion, Conversions, Dallas Yellow Pages, Design Success, Eye Appeal, Indexes, Lenders, list of ugly websites, Personal Experiences, Personal Websites, Revenue Numbers, Sophisticated Graphics, Success Rate, successful ugly websites, Ugly Design, ugly web sites, Ugly Website, Ugly Websites, Website Visitors

This evening I was crunching some numbers on an ugly website I manage. I know there are some good sources out there on "ugly websites" that are successful, but I wanted to share some my personal experiences.

A couple years ago, I had an automotive site that I managed, graphically, eye appeal, etc. it was not an award winner, but man did that site convert well when compared to the replacement site with much more sophisticated graphics and layout.

After crunching some conversion and revenue numbers on the ugliest site in my portfolio, I was shocked!

So here's my question to the community; What is your experience with ugly websites?

  • Have you replaced your ugly website with something much more polished and sophisticated?
  • Did your conversions increase or decrease?
  • Did your website visitors increase or decrease?

Here are a few good links for ugly websites:

My personal list of ugly websites:

  • Dallas Yellow Pages - This site is ugly, unchanged for several years, but the domain has been alive for approximately 10 years and it indexes very well.
  • 1800GetACar - This is one of the ugliest automotive websites I've seen, but it has an amazing success rate for connecting car buyers with lenders and auto dealers nation-wide.

Yahoo Marketing Conversion Reports | What's Wrong Now?

on 13 April 2009  Articles, Pay Per Click  Add new tag, Adwords Marketing, Business Customers, Conversion, Google, Loose Money, Making Money, Money Conversions, Yahoo, Yahoo Business

Getting ready to call my Yahoo marketing rep. Yahoo is again showing business customers that they may not be able to keep up and compete with Google Adwords marketing.

Last week Yahoo marketing / PPC reporting starting running behind. As of this writing, Yahoo conversion reports are off by over three days. My particular report shows 4/10/09 10:45AM. It is now 4/13/09 7:30PM CST.

Again, this is my major complaint and it should also be the major complaint of all Yahoo business customers. How can a business know whether it is making money, conversions, or loosing money if Yahoo conversion reporting is not working or off by three days? If companies loose money during the days when Yahoo reporting is off, will Yahoo reimburse companies if they loose money while reporting is off?

How far off is your Yahoo reporting? Have you talked with our Yahoo rep? Share your story or report with other readers.