Real Estate Websites – Rare Domain Names

Search Engine Pro will be launching and offering websites with rare domain names available on a first come, first serve basis to real estate agents and brokers. This limited selection of state level domains make an ideal weapon in your marketing arsenal for organic, pay per click, and social media marketing. If you are interested in one of these domains contact us ASAP.

What You Get: Search Engine Pro will provide the domain name, WordPress installation, web hosting, and monthly newsletter just for our select real estate clients. (You’ll get tips and tricks on marketing your real estate blog) We will also do a revenue share on any advertising through our advertisers network. Expert advise is available

Investment: The monthly recurring investment for this package is $250.

The List:

  • Alaska Real Estate (
  • Austin Real Estate (
  • Connecticut Real Estate (
  • Dallas Real Estate ( – Not Available
  • Delaware Real Estate (
  • Fort Worth (
  • Houston Real Estate (
  • Indiana Real Estate (
  • Kansas Real Estate (
  • Kentucky Real Estate (
  • Louisiana Real Estate (
  • Michigan Real Estate (
  • Mississippi Real Estate (
  • Montana Real Estate (
  • Nebraska Real Estate (
  • New Hampshire Real Estate (
  • NH Real Estate (
  • New Mexico Real Estate (
  • North Carolina Real Estate (
  • North Dakota Real Estate (
  • Orlando Real Estate ( – AgentPress installation available for all domains
  • Real Estate Houston Texas (
  • Rhode Island Real Estate (
  • South Carolina Real Estate (
  • South Dakota Real Estate (
  • Texas Real Estate (
  • Vermont Real Estate (
  • Virginia Beach (
  • West Virginia Real Estate (
  • Wisconsin Real Estate (

Why These Domains Are Important: Nearly every domain above has no available TLD (top level domain). They’ve all been purchased. I’m sure you’ve looked…if not, go check GoDaddy or your favorite registrar to find a .com or .net version of any state level real estate domain name. In many cases, the .biz, .us, and other versions have been registered as well. Why is that? Good marketers understand the value of having your major keyword in your domain.

Why are they so important or valuable? Because they have the top geographic phrase for real estate in the domain. These are ideal for organic or pay per click advertising. These domains are hyphenated, and that’s OK. People and search engines can better read the domain from a display perspective.

If you are a Realtor, Broker, or independent real estate agent and you’ve been looking for the ideal domain name, website, hosting, and support package you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

Bonus Sites: (,, These are just a few of the bonus sites we have planned to help you promote your real estate business. We want to create a network with some exclusive benefits for working with Search Engine Pro.

Bonus Idea: By having a state level domain name you can create categories for major cities and charge other Realtors to put their listings on your site, or promote listings you want to co-broke.