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WordPress Plugins Warning Dangers

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Do you use Wordpress Plugins? Read Below

If you use Wordpress plugins like I do then take a few minutes to read this article. I spend thousands of dollars each year on Wordpress Plugins to add different types of functionality  to my WP sites.

The other day when I went to pull up this site, this is what I saw below:

A question plugin I had installed broke my site due to a plugin licensing dependency. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and the irony is that when your Wordpress plugins crash due to a licensing dependency, most of the time you won't be able to find the developer or they hide behind so many domains and email addresses that it's a major pain and time-waster to get the issue resolved.

One site that I purchase many of my plugins from is a site called the WarriorForum a site designed mainly for Internet marketers. Sadly, when one of my hundreds of Wordpress plugins breaks or crashes, it is plugin marketers on the Warrior Forum that are difficult to get in touch with for support. (see below)

My question plugin was developed by a company called Groundhog Productions. There site is down for some reason.

Groundhog Productions owns WPLicensingSystem.com which was responsible for validating my plugin license. When clicking on the link within the plugin, it brought me to this site that has not been updated since April of 2012.

As you can see, it's another site called Five Star Plugins, registered to Skylr / Grounhog Productions.

So what should you do when shopping for Wordpress plugins? Visit a new site I will be developing called WordPress Plugin Forum where I'll be reviewing and encouraging others to write articles and reviews on plugins they purchase.

One question I will be start asking before I invest another dollar on the next hot Wordpress plugin is whether or not it contains any licensing dependency (relying on another domain) for the plugin to function correctly. There are other methods available to make sure a Wordpress plugin is licensed correctly.

During the process of writing this post, I did find a support link on the Warrior Forum. I'll let everyone know if I hear back from Skyler and company with regards to their question-plugin.

The reason this issue gets under my skin is that it is not the cost of the Wordpress plugin that is the big issue, it's the time you spend implementing, testing, and then looking for another solution when it breaks and you can't find the developer.

Have you had issues with a Wordpress plugin that stopped working and could not get support? Share your comments and stories below...Also, give my your thoughts and suggestions on what you might want to see on Wordpress Plugins Forum.

Social Media Freak: PubCon Dallas Live Test

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Sat in on a live advanced seo tactics session yesterday at PubCon Dallas 2010.

The live test was done for "Social Media Freak" and the hope was that the test site for Giovanni.net would show up #1 in Google for the search term within a few minutes.

The test failed, but that does not mean the technique demonstrated does not work. The tester was able to demonstrate that the tactic works extremely well on other keywords he has tested. I need to go to lunch or play golf with the mystery dude wearing the sunglasses and Dallas Stars jersey. (seriously! let's do lunch or golf)

You can follow conversation and follow up on the social media freak conversation here: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=social+media+freak

This was my first PubCon event and it was evident that there are differences of opinion among panelists, but that's why we go. We all have the opportunity to experiment with different ideas and tactics to help our sites rank well.


Check out the screen shot and see the time stamp. Might have been faster if I checked sooner. Now at #8 for Social Media Freak. Tomorrow I might be gone, but the experiment proves that you can show up very quickly in Google search results. How valuable is that to a business? What if it moves up or stays in the top 10 indefinitely?

Any other SEO's got some experiments we can test?