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Point Subdomain to Another Server WHM

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Pointing a subdomain to another server or URL is not difficult when you have the right information. WHM or Web Host Manager is somewhat different in its functionality. While some server configs will have you enter the entire subdomain for the CNAME (subdomain.somedomainname.com) WHM manager only requires the subdomain with no trailing dot. When entering the destination or host (somedomain.com.) you end with a trailing dot. See the example below:

It was pretty frustrating to only find information from 2009 with no actual screenshots. If this has been helpful in helping you point or redirect your subdomain via CNAME to another URL or domain, please comment below and share this page.

WHM Subdomain Redirect Notes

For a WHM subdomain redirect to work properly, there can be no other records for the subdomain...only the CNAME record. If you used the subdomain feature in cPanel, it will create an A record. Make sure there are no other records present other than your CNAME records for the redirect or pointing to another server.

Special Thanks to Net Access Corporation in NJ for their help in solving this issue with me. NAC.net I have been a dedicated server client with Net Access Corporation for 12-13 years and cannot say enough good things about their service. If you are looking for a rock solid data center to host your dedicated machine(s), give Net Access Corporation an opportunity to earn your business.

Commission Ignition Review Hitesh Juneja

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Thinking about purchasing Commission Ignition from Hitesh Juneja? Please read this review first.

First, let me say, I think Hitesh is a pretty brilliant guy, but his business ethics are questionable. Let me also say that it pains me to yet write another negative review about yet another Internet marketer.

I purchased Keyword Dissection (Premium Membership $997) back in January 2011 at the recommendation of Marty Roz. He spoke highly of Hitesh and Hitesh made lots of promises about what he was going to deliver.

Below is current screen shot of keyworddissection.com site. As you'll see, the site does not work and is being reworked (possibly). The forum is gone and login buttons do not work.

While writing this, I've been doing some active research and the forum is still up at http://keyworddissection.com/forum and the premium membership link is up at http://keyworddissection.com/premium - I'm now running some tests to see if any of the functionality is still working...brb I'm going to let process run for 5-10 minutes and see if it delivers any results. Also, take a look at the forum posts, you'll see other purchasers of keyword dissection and the ongoing issues they. Again, Hitesh was no where to be found with support for a product he developed.

Ok, so I gave the long tail keyword compiler 10 minutes to run and nothing.

So back to the reason for this post....Hitesh and some of his new partners may be developing new IM products, but as you can see, Hitesh let a whole community of people down and has never publicly acknowledged customers for Keyword Dissection in the forum or via email.

So go ahead, purchase Commission Ignition Review, I hope Hitesh provides better support for this product than he did Keyword Dissection... I can hardly wait for KD2 to arrive as I'm seeing some posts about version 2.

Please feel free to post comments if you are a previous purchaser of Keyword Dissection, Commission Ignition Review or any of Hitesh Juneja products below.


WordPress Plugins Warning Dangers

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Do you use Wordpress Plugins? Read Below

If you use Wordpress plugins like I do then take a few minutes to read this article. I spend thousands of dollars each year on Wordpress Plugins to add different types of functionality  to my WP sites.

The other day when I went to pull up this site, this is what I saw below:

A question plugin I had installed broke my site due to a plugin licensing dependency. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and the irony is that when your Wordpress plugins crash due to a licensing dependency, most of the time you won't be able to find the developer or they hide behind so many domains and email addresses that it's a major pain and time-waster to get the issue resolved.

One site that I purchase many of my plugins from is a site called the WarriorForum a site designed mainly for Internet marketers. Sadly, when one of my hundreds of Wordpress plugins breaks or crashes, it is plugin marketers on the Warrior Forum that are difficult to get in touch with for support. (see below)

My question plugin was developed by a company called Groundhog Productions. There site is down for some reason.

Groundhog Productions owns WPLicensingSystem.com which was responsible for validating my plugin license. When clicking on the link within the plugin, it brought me to this site that has not been updated since April of 2012.

As you can see, it's another site called Five Star Plugins, registered to Skylr / Grounhog Productions.

So what should you do when shopping for Wordpress plugins? Visit a new site I will be developing called WordPress Plugin Forum where I'll be reviewing and encouraging others to write articles and reviews on plugins they purchase.

One question I will be start asking before I invest another dollar on the next hot Wordpress plugin is whether or not it contains any licensing dependency (relying on another domain) for the plugin to function correctly. There are other methods available to make sure a Wordpress plugin is licensed correctly.

During the process of writing this post, I did find a support link on the Warrior Forum. I'll let everyone know if I hear back from Skyler and company with regards to their question-plugin.

The reason this issue gets under my skin is that it is not the cost of the Wordpress plugin that is the big issue, it's the time you spend implementing, testing, and then looking for another solution when it breaks and you can't find the developer.

Have you had issues with a Wordpress plugin that stopped working and could not get support? Share your comments and stories below...Also, give my your thoughts and suggestions on what you might want to see on Wordpress Plugins Forum.

Microsoft Adcenter Desktop Mac Users

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Microsoft Adcenter Desktop for Mac users update: A month or so ago I talked with my account rep regarding Adcenter desktop for Mac users. I was informed that Adcenter would not run on Windows being emulated on a Mac.

Fortunately, it's my nature to try and attempt what others say cannot be done so I installed Adcenter Desktop on my Macbook Pro to see what would happen. I'm running VMWare Fusion and Windows XP Pro so that is the only configuration I can speak to accurately.

Here's a screen shot to confirm that Adcenter Desktop is running on my Macbook:

I was able to successfully download my account. My next report will be on how well the functionality works. This is big news for Mac users utilizing Microsoft Adcenter for PPC advertising. I'll also be contacting my rep to let her know that Adcenter desktop is working for me contrary to what her knowledge base says.

Are you a Mac user? Do you have Microsoft Adcenter Desktop running under any other configuration? Share your Adcenter Desktop story with our visitors.

Adcenter Desktop Error Message: (see two or three posts down) 9/2/10 post

Post Update 9/2/10:

With the announced cut-over date of mid October 2010 from Yahoo to Microsoft's Adcenter, the push for advertisers to migrate their Yahoo PPC accounts over to Adcenter is certainly going to create more controversy as Mac users may try to install and use Adcenter desktop for the first time. This may also be an opportunity for Google to point out that they are operating system neutral supporting both Mac and PC users.

I need more Mac users to share information, success or failure in trying to implement Adcenter Desktop. If you do not plan to utilize Adcenter Desktop, what are your plans for managing large numbers of keywords?