Get To The Top of Google Fast

Get to the top of Google fast! That’s a fairly common headline these days. How about getting to the top of Google in minutes for your targeted keyword? I thought I would share an example from a post on October 7, 2010.

I posted an article on former President George W. Bush riding Northshore bike trail in Grapevine, TX. Within four (4) minutes of posting the article, it showed up #1 in Google SERPs. I’ve accomplished this successfully with other articles and posts as well. (See the image below)

The point for sharing this is to demonstrate that with a WordPress blog set up correctly and unique content, it is possible to get an article, post, or page indexed by Google in minutes, not weeks or months.

Additionally, it is possible to get your post to show up for your targeted keywords.

I’ll share some more and continue to add to this thread over time, but wanted to get some dialog started. What is the fastest time you’ve seen Google index one of your WordPress posts? Or any page for that matter?

So if you want to get to the top of Google fast, you might want to consider setting up a WordPress blog and start testing some articles for your specific  area of focus.

Here’s another working example; Just as I post this article, look how fast it showed up in Google top ten for “Get To The Top of Google Fast”.