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on 24 January 2010  Guru Reviews  Content Network, Different Products, Final Straw, Frustration, Gmail, Google, Guru, Honest Assessment, Insider Secret, Internet Tools, Marketing Gurus, Marketing Services, Marketing Tools, Mcc, Promoting Products, Realization, Screen Shots, Support Request, Tools Products, Video Tutorial

Are you sick and tired of all the self proclaimed Internet marketing gurus? I am!

The final straw for me was about a week ago when I purchased a GMail secrets offer for $97 – Since I’m in the field; I invest money in all sorts of different products and marketing services that I like to test.

After testing this product out for nearly a week, I couldn’t replicate a single test as outlined in the video tutorial. Each time I contacted customer support it would take two days for me to get a one liner that didn’t answer my questions.

Additionally, none of the screen shots looked anything like what I use every day in my Google Adwords account / MCC. While I would have really liked to test out this potential insider secret for Gmail advertising, I just asked for a refund out of frustration and the lack of any real customer support.

In my testing, I found that normal settings in Adwords interface for the content network proved more successful in getting my ads to show up in Gmail than the tactics outlined in the video tutorial.

Over the course of the week I received numerous emails from other gurus promoting this product. I came to the realization that half of these Internet marketing gurus never test any of the products they promote. They just affiliate market something that another guru put out.

I also found several companies that I respect that recently began promoting products or services they’ve never tested. I’m not sure what value they are providing other than buy “this” product because so and so is a really good guy or gal.

Here’s what I’m proposing to do more of in 2010; provide “real” results for guru marketing tools with an honest assessment of how they did or didn’t work.

I’ll also contact customer support and see how long it takes for them to respond and then grade them on how well they respond to my support request.

What Internet tools, products or services have you used for your business and they did not perform as promised or the customer support was horrible? Share your stories with our visitors.

Avoid Amish Shah Products

on 16 January 2010  Affiliate Marketing, Guru Reviews, Pay Per Click, Product Launches  Advice, Amish Products, Amish Shaw, Campaigns, Conclusion, Customer Support, Goggles, Google, Google Goggle, Guru, Gurus, Hexatrack, Magic Bullet, Magic System, Money, Put On Your Goggles, Support Fee, The Magic Bullet System

Thinking about buying into the Magic Bullet System, Hexatrack, or Google Goggles? My advice, don't do it.

Every product I've tried from Amish Shah and company comes with lousy customer support. When I purchased a package from these guys last year it took weeks to deliver on promised bonuses.

My most recent experience has been with their Google Goggles product. It stopped working. When I contacted support they closed my ticket out twice without ever responding to my request for help. They didn't mind taking my money or my monthly maintenance payment.

What's my conclusion? If you spend $3,000 and a huge monthly support fee, they might take care of you, but as of this writing I have two products from Amish Shah that don't work. Hexatrack is down for maintenance so you can't run any new campaigns and Google Goggles doesn't work.

If anyone else has had issues with Amish Shah products please reply to this post.

I'll be starting a "Guru Reviews" section for visitors to post comments on how well or poorly the gurus support their products.

Best Internet Marketing Stategy

on 30 April 2009  Articles, SEM, SEO  Best Internet Marketing, Blogging, Good Foundation, Guru, Information Overload, Internet Marketer, Internet Marketers, Internet Marketing Strategy, Latest Video Releases, List Marketing, Marketing Changes, Marketing Stategy, Media Marketing, Moving In The Right Direction, Pay Per Click, Personal Goals, Pros And Cons, Search Engine Optimization, Seminars, Social Marketing, Time Student, Twitter

I was watching a video this evening from a Social Media marketing guy I respect, Perry Belcher. He is an up and coming player in the Social Media marketing space. In one of his latest video releases he mentioned some of the excuses he hears such as I don't have time for Twitter or Facebook. He went on to say that if you don't like Social Media, don't do it.

Here's the question it brought to mind for me as I received several emails this evening with some questions on Internet marketing. What is the "Best Internet Marketing Strategy"? We now have organic search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, List marketing, Blogging, and the list goes on and on. Everyone who is a guru in their own space wants to sell books, videos, seminars, or software that relates to their specific area of expertise. The last thing someone needs is information overload. So where do you start? I say the answer varies based on different factors:

  • Every business or individual has different goals in mind for their website
  • Not every form of Internet marketing is ideal for everyone or every business
  • Do you like getting on camera?
  • What is your level of knowledge or expertise?
  • What kind of a budget do you have?
  • How much competition do you have?

So What's The Right Answer?

The best Internet marketing strategy is the one that works for you, your company, and your personal goals for your website. Find two or three Internet marketers that you can trust. Find someone who is already successful in the area you are looking to succeed. Become a student. As an Internet marketer I always tell people that I'm a full-time student. There is always something new to learn. While Internet marketing changes every day, there are a few fundamentals that can give  you a good foundation and get you moving in the right direction.

Look for my next article as I explore some of the options for your best Internet marketing strategy and the pros and cons of each one.

The Problem With Internet Video Marketing

on 25 March 2009  Video Marketing  Competitor, Effective Marketing, Free Traffic, Free Visitors, Google, Google Adwords, Guru, Internet Marketing, Internet Personality, Marketing Solution, Marketing Tool, Presence, Rags To Riches, Right Solution, Small Business, Tool Bag, Video Marketing, Video Star, Whitepaper, Wildest Dreams

The other day I watched a self promoting video from another self-proclaimed video marketing guru that claims rags to riches in about 24 months. The video goes on to claim thousands of free visitors with no need to pay for Google Adwords. The lure of free traffic beyond our wildest dreams is truly appealing. Let me state for the record, I'm a huge fan of Internet video marketing, but here are a few issues I see with marketing yourself and your company on the Internet using video:

  • Not everyone wants to be an Internet video star or personality - Once you put yourself out there you've got to maintain your presence
  • What happens if your Internet personality is an employee that leaves your company or goes to a competitor?
  • Video alone may not drive the volume of traffic you need to sustain your business
  • Not every company or small business has the time and resources to put it all together in a cost effective manner
  • Internet video marketing may not be the best option for your specific business - are there benefits? Sure, but are they for every company? Maybe not
  • Internet video marketing is not the end-all solution to getting traffic. It's one of many tools you should have in Internet marketing tool bag

Before you throw your company into the arena of Internet video marketing be sure it's the right solution for your company and you are willing to put the time and resources into making it successful. Look for my upcoming whitepaper on video marketing at: www.videomarketingwhitepaper.com

PPC Keywords With No Conversions

on 15 January 2009  Pay Per Click  Account Performance, Assists, Budget, Campaigns, Conventional Wisdom, Conversions, Delete, Google, Google Adwords, Guru, Gurus, Impressions, Keywords, Major Search Engines, Odd, Pay Per Click, Yahoo, Yahoo Accounts

Conventional wisdom with most of the PPC gurus and even the major search engines is to delete or pause keywords that are not performing. Typically, I will pause keywords, adgroups, or campaigns that are not generating conversions.

The other day I discovered something interesting that yielded the same result in both Google and Yahoo.

After scanning my Google and Yahoo accounts for keywords with zero to 99,999 impressions, zero assists, and zero conversions over the previous 30 day period, I paused those keywords which resulted in approximately 50,000 keywords getting paused.

In theory, pausing or deleting keywords that are not performing at all should not have any negative affect on your campaigns, budget, or conversions.

After pausing non performing keywords, both my Google Adwords and Yahoo PPC accounts started to perform oddly. My conversions dropped and my CPA average went up by $1.50. After discovering the odd performance with both accounts I started un-pausing some of my adgroups and keywords.

This tells me there is some type of connection between account performace, impressions, and possible keyword counts.

Again, conventional wisdom is to apply the 80/20 rule. I'm going to do some more experimenting with pausing / un-pausing keywords that don't perform and try to measure the effect it has on account performance.

Are you a PPC guru? Have you encountered something similar? I currently manage about 1,000,000 keywords and would appreciate any feedback you might have for our visitors.