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WordPress Plugins Warning Dangers

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Do you use Wordpress Plugins? Read Below

If you use Wordpress plugins like I do then take a few minutes to read this article. I spend thousands of dollars each year on Wordpress Plugins to add different types of functionality  to my WP sites.

The other day when I went to pull up this site, this is what I saw below:

wordpress plugin licensing

A question plugin I had installed broke my site due to a plugin licensing dependency. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and the irony is that when your Wordpress plugins crash due to a licensing dependency, most of the time you won't be able to find the developer or they hide behind so many domains and email addresses that it's a major pain and time-waster to get the issue resolved.

One site that I purchase many of my plugins from is a site called the WarriorForum a site designed mainly for Internet marketers. Sadly, when one of my hundreds of Wordpress plugins breaks or crashes, it is plugin marketers on the Warrior Forum that are difficult to get in touch with for support. (see below)

My question plugin was developed by a company called Groundhog Productions. There site is down for some reason.

groundhog productions llc

Groundhog Productions owns WPLicensingSystem.com which was responsible for validating my plugin license. When clicking on the link within the plugin, it brought me to this site that has not been updated since April of 2012.

As you can see, it's another site called Five Star Plugins, registered to Skylr / Grounhog Productions.

So what should you do when shopping for Wordpress plugins? Visit a new site I will be developing called WordPress Plugin Forum where I'll be reviewing and encouraging others to write articles and reviews on plugins they purchase.

One question I will be start asking before I invest another dollar on the next hot Wordpress plugin is whether or not it contains any licensing dependency (relying on another domain) for the plugin to function correctly. There are other methods available to make sure a Wordpress plugin is licensed correctly.

During the process of writing this post, I did find a support link on the Warrior Forum. I'll let everyone know if I hear back from Skyler and company with regards to their question-plugin.

The reason this issue gets under my skin is that it is not the cost of the Wordpress plugin that is the big issue, it's the time you spend implementing, testing, and then looking for another solution when it breaks and you can't find the developer.

Have you had issues with a Wordpress plugin that stopped working and could not get support? Share your comments and stories below...Also, give my your thoughts and suggestions on what you might want to see on Wordpress Plugins Forum.

Craigslist Phone Authentication and Internet Marketing

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It's March 31st, 2010 and my stats indicate that nearly 40% of all my inbound traffic this month is related to craigslist phone authentication not working. It's amazing how many Internet marketers or Craigslist users are trying to figure out to work around the phone authentication issue.

I'd like to propose one thought on why this is such a big issue  right now; Too many online marketers put all their eggs in one basket. Lots of folks discovered that Craigslist was a good marketing alternative to understanding how to use Google or some of the other major search engines, directories, blogs, classified ads, or other marketing tools.

Now, Craigslist has implemented phone authentication which for many does not appear to be working at all and I have not seen one valid work-around or a post that would indicate someone has figured out how to get around Craigslist phone authentication.

So where does that leave the folks that have staked their entire online business model with Craigslist? Time to try something different. I'm guessing that some creative folks out there will develop a Craiglist alternative or develop a list of really good classified ad sites.

It's never good to put all your eggs in one basket, just as many marketers discovered when Google turned off their Adwords account for no understandable reason.

Marketers used numerous classified ad sites before Craigslist so why would they have stopped? Craigslist was too easy. If online marketing was easy, everyone would be doing it. Online marketing takes time, effort, and some good old fashioned hard work from time to time.

Here's my advice if your business is crashing because you can't authenticate your Craigslist account. Try something different. Don't stand by and watch your business tank, and what ever you do in the future plan on being more diversified in your traffic sources.

See my original article and thread here: Craigslist Phone Authentication

Shameless plug for two classified ad sites:

What is Twitter?

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Twitter is a micro blogging phenomenon and social network that allows users to tweet their followers with brief messages of just 140 characters or less. I consider it in a sense an instant messaging platform on steroids. While Twitter has numerous applications for many businesses and enterprises I've yet to honestly see it generate results for two of my accounts or niches. One account has been active since August 2008 and the other January 2009. What have I gotten primarily from these two twitter accounts? Twitter SPAM.

With that being said, There are Twitter users that have seen a huge impact from using Twitter. Doctors, dentists, teachers, trainers, and the list goes on. But does that mean Twitter is right for every business? Some Internet marketers are starting to question the validity of Twitter as a primary business tool. Why? It takes time commitment and persistence just like anything else. When you start to analyze the time and commitment it takes to use Twitter successfully, there may be other marketing tools that will give specific businesses a better ROI.

So, What is Twitter? A powerful communication tool that can help you gain new customers or prospects. A customer service tool, or whatever you can conjur with your imagination with respect to communicating instantly with those in Twitter land.

Since I'm an Internet marketer, I've got a Twitter account for nearly all of the niche markets I'm working or developing. I'll continue to share results good or bad as they develop. Here's some good news. I got my son started with a new niche just 4 days ago, and with just a couple of tweets got two companies that stepped up to offer us all the help we needed along with products, video, etc. The right niche can generate some immediate responseses that can be lucrative.

Are you new to Twitter? What are your thoughts? Comment below --- Are you an experienced Twitter user? Share your comments with readers below.

Twitter Resources:

  • Twitter Rockstar - Authoritative Guide To Marketing Your Brand Or Niche With Twitter. 11 Video's, 4 PDF's, 2 Mindmaps, And A 20 Minute Audio Session, All Conveniently Located In A Members Area For Viewing Or Download
  • The Twitter Report - Learn How To Get Free Targeted Traffic From Twitter Using Ethical & Acceptable Marketing Practices
  • Twitter Traffic Machine - The System Explains How To Grow A Twitter Account Rapidly W/total Automation Via 5 Videos. In Video 6, We Then Show How Create A Viral Affiliate Business.
  • Twitter Decoded - Exploit The Power Of Twitter, The Most Popular Social Network Online. Tap Into An Automated Traffic Machine That Will Build Your Lists, Sell Your Products And Grow Your Following In 72 Hours Or Less!

Best Internet Marketing Stategy

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I was watching a video this evening from a Social Media marketing guy I respect, Perry Belcher. He is an up and coming player in the Social Media marketing space. In one of his latest video releases he mentioned some of the excuses he hears such as I don't have time for Twitter or Facebook. He went on to say that if you don't like Social Media, don't do it.

Here's the question it brought to mind for me as I received several emails this evening with some questions on Internet marketing. What is the "Best Internet Marketing Strategy"? We now have organic search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, List marketing, Blogging, and the list goes on and on. Everyone who is a guru in their own space wants to sell books, videos, seminars, or software that relates to their specific area of expertise. The last thing someone needs is information overload. So where do you start? I say the answer varies based on different factors:

  • Every business or individual has different goals in mind for their website
  • Not every form of Internet marketing is ideal for everyone or every business
  • Do you like getting on camera?
  • What is your level of knowledge or expertise?
  • What kind of a budget do you have?
  • How much competition do you have?

So What's The Right Answer?

The best Internet marketing strategy is the one that works for you, your company, and your personal goals for your website. Find two or three Internet marketers that you can trust. Find someone who is already successful in the area you are looking to succeed. Become a student. As an Internet marketer I always tell people that I'm a full-time student. There is always something new to learn. While Internet marketing changes every day, there are a few fundamentals that can give  you a good foundation and get you moving in the right direction.

Look for my next article as I explore some of the options for your best Internet marketing strategy and the pros and cons of each one.