Transfer iPhone Purchases To iTunes Library Before UpDating This iPhone

Ok, so you were as excited as I was to update my iPhone 5 to the latest IOS version 7. Upon clicking the update button you get a popup with this notification:



There are purchased items on the iPhone *** that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?



A few iTunes versions ago you would see your device in the left hand side, but seems Apple has gone the way of Microsoft and they now love to continue re-arranging the GUI (graphical user interface) so we have to search for something simple. The above screenshot is current as of September 2013…so here’s the skinny:

Go to iTunes menu bar (top left) and select File>>>Devices>>>Transfer Purchases

What would be even more intuitive is for Apple to include button or link to do this automatically while the warning popup is glaring you in the face.

Hope this helps someone.


1-800-800-8100 Hoax Microsoft Scammers Don’t Answer 800-800-8100

I got a call today from someone who sounded like they were calling from India saying he was calling to help me with my Microsoft driver issues. I asked him if he worked for Microsoft and he said yes. I told him I did not have any issues with my Microsoft software or drivers. I asked him if he could give me a number for Microsoft so I could call and confirm who he was. He said I can give you all of that information when you are at your computer.

I said no thanks and told him not to call me back.

Below, reports that this number belongs to TigerDirect – If this is they type of BS that Tiger Direct is engaged in to try and sell products or services, I’ll be sure to never purchase from them.

You can report this number and similar scam callers to the FTC at: report the numbers to the federal trade commissions at 877-382-4357


RE: hoax Microsoft windows security calls

Continue reading “1-800-800-8100 Hoax Microsoft Scammers Don’t Answer 800-800-8100” Outage

Not sure what’s up with Microsft Adcenter this evening. Appears there is some type of outage.

I received a message from Microsoft looking for beta testers for their new phone app for Adcenter stats, but I needed my adCenter ID. With the outage, no go and it beta sign up reads as though they are only looking for beta testers using Windows Phone 7…what about us iPhone and Android users?

Microsoft…get with the program. Advertisers looking to spend money with you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, use a specific OS, or browser to access adCenter.

Are you a Microsoft adCenter advertiser? Do you use Windows or another OS, mobile or tablet device to access adCenter? Share your thoughts below.