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Online Marketing Up In Smoke?

on 27 December 2015  Ecommerce, Lead Generation, SEM, SEO  Online Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Online Sales

Online Marketing Smoke Alert!

Well 2015 is almost at a close. Did your #onlinemarketing go up in smoke this year? It doesn't have to be that way in 2016.
If your #Internet presence was just a big #backdraft this year with few leads, poor sales or conversions and only an ember of traffic...let a seasoned #onlinemarketer #leadgenerator #googleadwords #videomarketing professional of 16+ years online provide coaching so that 2016 brings you a #firestorm of #Internettraffic #onlinesales #businessleads PM or DM to discuss your 2016 #marketing needs.

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Is Your Website A Billboard In The Desert?

on 15 December 2015  Pay Per Click, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing  Billboard In The Desert, How To Get Website Traffic, My Website Isn't Working, Online Marketing, The Billboard Principle, Website Marketing

About a year ago I had met with a prospective client through a friend. I did an evaluation of their old website and proposed some potential solutions. They asked me to put together a quote and I never heard from them again. They took the information I gave them and rebuilt their website on their own thinking they would save some money.

Fast forward, they ended up talking with my partner through another friend. They are in need of online marketing because a year later they still don't have any traffic to their website.
They discovered the "billboard principle"...

Without Marketing Your Website Is Just A Billboard In The Desert

Today, anyone with a little effort can build a website, but without a marketing strategy no one will ever know you website exists.
It does not matter what method you choose to get traffic to your website; organic search, pay per click, social media, etc. you have to consider what you are trying to achieve once traffic reaches your website. Are you trying to promote a product(s), service(s), signups, or some other type of conversion.
This is where the real work begins. This is where my expertise can put your business or service on the map.
Overlook this step and no one will ever know your products or services exist. Don't let your website become a billboard in the desert. Let me help you do a thorough evaluation to help you grow your online business.

Online Marketing: Give The Process Time

on 11 December 2015  SEM, SEO  Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing

As with any #onlinemarketing or #socialmedia campaign it can take time for the #seedplanting to take root and yield results. I am continually amazed at how many people are looking for a #silverbullet. Some magical button that I am going to push and #leads or #sales will instantly appear. Anyone who is truly #successful #online has put in the #hardwork to get there. If you have a #brickandmortar you've done double duty. In the near future I will share some personal and client stories to illustrate. In the interim, set some goals, test and measure results, make adjustments, test and measure again. Every business is different as are search volumes and cost to generate leads or sales. Be patient and give your efforts time to produce the results you are looking to achieve. #ppc #payperclick #onlineadvertising #onlinemarketing #internetmarketing #googleadwords #bingads #socialmediamarketing #contentmsrketing #videomarketing #websitemarketing #ecommerce


Tablet PC Devices: 123 Years in the Making

on 02 May 2011  Articles, Uncategorized  Apple, Eweek, Iphone, Laptop, Media Applications, Mobile Devices, Online Marketing, Perspective, Recent Article, SEO, Slew, Tablet Pc, tablet PC devices, tablet PC future, Tablet PC history, Tablet Pcs

We may think the tablet PC has only been around for a couple of years, but a recent article from eWeek shows 123 years of history in the making.


From an SEO / SEM perspective I'm excited about the future of online marketing on the go.

I think we will see more mobile SEO /SEM apps developed to do some of those hard-operations we typically run from a desktop or laptop.

I'm posting this article from my iPhone. Mobile devices and the slew of tablet devices hitting the market are only going to enhance social media applications.

What are your thoughts on tablet PC devices and how they will affect online marketing?

Search Engine Marketing Can Be Overwhelming

on 03 January 2010  Articles, Lead Generation, SEM, SEO  Business Online, Domain Name, Estate Business, Incremental Progress, Initial Set, Ld, Lead Generation, Marketing And Promotion, Marketing Lead, Marketing Promotion, Measurable Goal, Online Marketing, Presence, Profession, Realtor, Search Engine Marketing, Slew, Small Business Owner, Tools, Variations

35The other day I had a conversation with a Realtor. He is an agent in the RE/MAX system, has a website and a slew of tools available for him to market his real estate business online. Here is what he said that struck a chord with me.

"I've got so many tools available for search engine marketing and promotion I'm overwhelmed"

As we continued our conversation, he was looking to me for help with some basics so he could see some incremental progress in his online marketing and lead generation.

60I think this is where many folks are today with their online marketing. There are so many tools and variations that it's easy even for those of us who call this our profession to get bogged down in SEO/SEM tool testing rather than taking predictable steps each day to improve our search engine marketing presence or to reach a targeted and measurable goal. I'm going to document our progress from the initial set up of a new domain name and will share with visitors at least once per month some tips and ideas for keeping it simple to prevent search engine marketing overload.

Are you a small business owner overwhelmed with all the tools available to market and promote your business online? If so, share your story or thoughts with our visitors.

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