Text, Images and Cell Phones

This is odd article for me, but I want to make a point regarding the use of text and images on your website. Many folks embed their phone number or contact information in a header graphic or image on their website, but don’t post contact information anywhere in text for the search engines or folks using cell phones. More and more Internet users are using their cell phones with data to search for business listings. All the stats show cell phone use for browsing the Internet is increasing.

It only makes sense that you should put your phone number or contact information as text somewhere on your site. The other nice thing about this is that most cell phones detect a phone number displayed as text so the user only has to click on the phone number to dial the number they are trying to reach.

Here are two sites I like to visit, but notice how the phone number is embedded in an image leaving no way to simply click a number to reach the business.


I’ll give them both some link love here, but I think the point is clear. Don’t embed important information in a graphic unless you are intentionally trying to hide it.


As more and more cell phone users utilize their data connections to find businesses and listings online, it is imperative that website owner ensure  that their websites are cell phone friendly.

Is your website cell phone friendly? One last item that folks overlook are JavaScript based navigation. While most cell phones with web browsers support java, I’ve yet to find one that can support Java based drop down menus. If your website has JavaScript drop down menus, make sure you’ve got the text equivalent on your site-map or a cell phone friendly page.