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adMarketplace Review 2012

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adMarketplace Review:

This adMarketplace review is based on test that lasted just over 30 days beginning around June 18th, 2012 when I was first contacted by an adMarketplace representative. I informed my new rep that I've been contacted by many "alternative traffic source" companies and what my CPA target was. He assured me that it was possible to reach our desired CPA.

I was instructed to run a 30 day minimum test in which the first 15 days would be for data collection purposes and the last 15 days would be for making tweaks to reach target CPA. During the first 15 days of testing, our internal reporting showed that 83% of traffic coming from the adMarketPlace network bounced with duplicate clicks from the same IP addresses being evident in our reporting.

We made additional tweaks to our account and reviewed final data for the duration of our adMarketplace test and were sadly disappointed with our CPA after 30+ days of trying to dial everything in.

During the process of this traffic test, I looked for adMarketplace reviews and all I could find were reviews from employment sites. I was somewhat surprised I could not find any traffic reviews on a company that seems to be getting accolades in the search syndication space.

adMarketplace Review Conclusion:

To be fair to adMarketplace, we could never get our tracking pixel to fire correctly, but we did provide conversion IP data so they could correlate conversions back to their syndicated traffic partners. While some traffic sources did show promise, we were never able to get close enough to our target CPA to prolong the test any further than the end of July 2012.

Here's my main concern with companies that provide syndicated traffic or provide alternative Internet traffic; Most claim traffic is high-quality and target CPA is attainable, but they all want you to experiment on your dime. I'd like to see some of these companies start sharing the risk with advertisers. If you can't deliver on quality traffic or target CPA offer some refunds or credits.

I hope this adMarketplace review helps online marketers no matter what their niche might be.

adMarketplace Review



Craigslist Phone Authentication and Internet Marketing

on 31 March 2010  Affiliate Marketing, Articles, Lead Generation, SEM, Social Media Marketing  Authentication Issue, Business Model, Classified Ad, Classified Ads, Craigslist, Creative Folks, Eggs In One Basket, Good Marketing, Google, Inbound Traffic, Internet Marketers, Internet Marketing, Major Search Engines, March 31st, Marketing Tools, Online Marketers, Original Article, Search Engines Directories, Time Effort, Traffic Sources

It's March 31st, 2010 and my stats indicate that nearly 40% of all my inbound traffic this month is related to craigslist phone authentication not working. It's amazing how many Internet marketers or Craigslist users are trying to figure out to work around the phone authentication issue.

I'd like to propose one thought on why this is such a big issue  right now; Too many online marketers put all their eggs in one basket. Lots of folks discovered that Craigslist was a good marketing alternative to understanding how to use Google or some of the other major search engines, directories, blogs, classified ads, or other marketing tools.

Now, Craigslist has implemented phone authentication which for many does not appear to be working at all and I have not seen one valid work-around or a post that would indicate someone has figured out how to get around Craigslist phone authentication.

So where does that leave the folks that have staked their entire online business model with Craigslist? Time to try something different. I'm guessing that some creative folks out there will develop a Craiglist alternative or develop a list of really good classified ad sites.

It's never good to put all your eggs in one basket, just as many marketers discovered when Google turned off their Adwords account for no understandable reason.

Marketers used numerous classified ad sites before Craigslist so why would they have stopped? Craigslist was too easy. If online marketing was easy, everyone would be doing it. Online marketing takes time, effort, and some good old fashioned hard work from time to time.

Here's my advice if your business is crashing because you can't authenticate your Craigslist account. Try something different. Don't stand by and watch your business tank, and what ever you do in the future plan on being more diversified in your traffic sources.

See my original article and thread here: Craigslist Phone Authentication

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