Google Caffeine Update Coming in January 2010

Everyone remembers the Florida update. This time Google is waiting until after the holidays to update its latest algorithm change, Caffeine. Have you been studying up on it or seeing how it might affect your website? Google has made it clear that site speed or load times will be an important factor.

You can check out the Google Web Kit and test your site load speed. Google also understands that the cell phone is becoming the major platform that people will be using to make online purchases vs. running home to get on a desktop computer. (Google branded HTC coming ūüôā)

What else has Google mentioned? Optimized code, site speed can have a positive or negative affect on what you pay for your Adwords advertising. You heard me right; a slow web site could pay more for pay per click advertising than a competitor that has a fast loading website.

  • Gzip compression – By having gzip compression enabled on your web hosting server and compressing your web pages you can speed up the delivery between your web server and your browser. Search Engine Pro web hosting supports gzip compression.
  • HTTP Caching – Stores a loaded version of a web page you visit. This prevents your web browser from having to load the same images or identical files over and over each time you load a new or same web page in your browser. HTTP Caching speeds up your web page downloads by only downloading the elements that have changed.
  • Optimizing Scripts – The order of your scripts can have an impact on web page load speed.
  • Image or Graphic Optimization – Removing excess white space and correctly compressing your images can shrink file size without diminishing the quality of your images. Optimized images will download faster improving your overall download speed for your page.

There are more optimizations mentioned by Google staff as well as other possible ramifications of the update by industry insiders. Google continues to drive the direction of the Internet and the way pages get indexed.

Stay tuned for more information on this important Google roll-out of the Caffeine update.