Transfer iPhone Purchases To iTunes Library Before UpDating This iPhone

Ok, so you were as excited as I was to update my iPhone 5 to the latest IOS version 7. Upon clicking the update button you get a popup with this notification:



There are purchased items on the iPhone *** that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?



A few iTunes versions ago you would see your device in the left hand side, but seems Apple has gone the way of Microsoft and they now love to continue re-arranging the GUI (graphical user interface) so we have to search for something simple. The above screenshot is current as of September 2013…so here’s the skinny:

Go to iTunes menu bar (top left) and select File>>>Devices>>>Transfer Purchases

What would be even more intuitive is for Apple to include button or link to do this automatically while the warning popup is glaring you in the face.

Hope this helps someone.


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  1. Side note to IOS 7 upgrade. I have confirmed with several people that they are seeing text messaging issues related to their IOS 7 upgrade…myself personally; Since my upgrade I have one contact that can send me text messages, I receive them, but they do not get my replies. Prior to IOS 7 upgrade I had no issues send / receiving text messages from anyone I was trying to communicate with.

    I’m going to call my phone carrier to report the issue, but will also keep a look out for any other articles reporting text messaging issues related to IOS 7 upgrade.
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