Why The iPhone 7 Sucks For Making Movies & Live Streaming

no audio input for iPhone 7

No Audio Input & Charging For iPhone 7

Something no one is talking about and I hoped I would find somewhere on the interwebs is the fact that the new dongles coming out for the iPhone 7 only support audio out. I purchased two which arrived today…tried to make several phone calls in which I could not here the caller, they could not hear me, but I can listen to audio played from my iPhone 7.

Note: When I looked closely at the sellers description on eBay they do state “listen to audio”, but in reality that’s not the only reason iPhone 7 users want a 3.5mm jack support.

I typically use my iPhone’s GPS and plug my phone into the charger and then would wear my head phones to listen to directions or take / make phone calls. This now appears to be impossible with the iPhone 7

This is a huge negative in my opinion for anyone wanting to live-stream or do any serious movies with iPhone 7 as there is no way to plug a power-pack into the phone while having the ability to record audio at the same time.

With my old iPhone 6 I’ve live-streamed events while keeping my phone powered up with an external battery pack…I’ve yet to find a solution for the iPhone 7.

Shooting video at any length with the iPhone 7 without external power will be impossible. If Apple does not address or fix this the iPhone 7 is a useless device for movie makers.

Sure the TRRS adapter will allow you to connect any of your Rode / Lavalier mics, but you’ll be lucky to shoot video for more than 60 minutes without needing to stop and put your iPhone on a charger before you can continue.

So here’s my challenge to anyone reading this article… Are you aware of any current or future solutions that will allow for audio input and simultaneous charging on the iPhone 7? If so, feel free to correct me and share here.

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Apple why did you do this? Steve Jobs would not approve of this dongle of a phone





2 thoughts on “Why The iPhone 7 Sucks For Making Movies & Live Streaming”

  1. Just over a week since this post and I’ve yet to find any real discussion or solutions for the iPhone 7 and; Talking & charging iPhone 7, audio in and charging iPhone 7, live-streaming audio in and charging iPhone 7. How did apply not think movie creators would not want to include an external mic like a Rode or external power supply at the same time?

    If you find any solutions please share and comment below.

  2. Here it is July 2017 and Apple has yet to resolve issue of audio-in and charging on the iPhone 7. With an iPhone 6 and the 3.5mm jack, you could connect your iPhone to an external power source and record audio-in at the same time. Still not seeing how iPhone movie creators have addressed this important issue. Will Apple resolve this issue on the iPhone 8 or will iPhone users need to buy more dongles?

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