WordPress 3.1 New Installation Failed

on 26 February 2011  WordPress  Blank Page, Domain Account, Humor, Management Perspective, New Domain, New Domains, Servers, Trouble Shooting, Uploaded, Virtues, Web Hosting Account, wordpress 3.1 failed installation, wordpress 3.1 install failed, Wp, WP 3.1 new install failed

I've done so many WordPress installs that I can practically install WP with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back. (humor)

Today I ran into a first and quite puzzling. I did a clean install on a new domain and WordPress 3.1 installed fine. Moved on to the next domain; Installed software, set up config file, etc. and nothing but a blank page. No message to enter email address or site title...just a blank page.

Since I've got my own servers I deleted the domain account, did a clean web hosting account set up, set up database through cpanel, uploaded WP 3.1 again, set up config file, and nothing but a page.

Very odd as first domain set up fine. So now I'm off to do some trouble shooting and will try several new installs on new domains.

This begs the question: When will WP updates become less frequent? With all the great virtues and praise that WP receives, the updates from a management perspective are too frequent. Seems there is a WP every two weeks. (rant)