Yahoo Asking for Phone Number Verification

on 10 April 2013  Yahoo  Business Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, Cl, Craigslist, Email Account, Mobile Number, New Address, New Yahoo Email Address, Phone Number Verification, Purchasing, Verify Address, why does yahoo want my phone number, Yahoo, Yahoo Address, yahoo asking for phone number verification, Yahoo Business, Yahoo Email Address, Yahoo Mobile, Yahoo Phone, yahoo phone verification

First it was Craigslist asking for your phone number to verify your account. Today while trying to set up a Flickr account using a new Yahoo email address, they wanted my cell phone number to authenticate my account. I would have no problem giving them my business phone number, but I don't care to give Yahoo my cell phone number to verify my email account. I had already given them my recovery email address. So now, I will need to find a work-around possibly purchasing a disposable phone just so I can verify a new Yahoo email address for business use.

So this begs the question...why does Yahoo only want a mobile number vs. any other number?

See Craigslist Phone Verification for conversation regarding CL's requiring a phone number for verification